Introducing MDoutlook™ – a global oncology intelligence platform


In partnership with Dr Chandra Belani and Dr Giorgio Scagliotti, The Arcas Group is introducing MDoutlook™: a robust and dynamic oncology intelligence platform that will deliver exclusive clinician reported treatment data combined with unique insight and perspective provided by global oncology ThoughtLeaders.

A brief introduction to MDoutlook™:

  • Developed with and guided by prominent global ThoughtLeaders:

    • Chandra Belani, MD, chairs MDoutlook™ United States

    • Giorgio Scagliotti, MD, PhD, chairs MDoutlook™ Europe

  • MDoutlook™ has been developed with a singular focus: improved understanding of the oncology marketplace by delivering comprehensive data, unique intelligence, and exclusive access to ThoughtLeader analysis.

  • Data collection is driven by standing global cancer clinician panels in both the U.S. & Europe who record and report on their daily treatment activity, prescription selections and decision rationale.

  • Information and intelligence is augmented by clinician data sourcing that delivers >10% of global cancer clinicians.

  • ThoughtLeader advisers have contractually committed with MDoutlook™ to review the targeted cancer landscape, and all clinician-provided treatment data – in order to deliver their exclusive market and product specific intelligence via monthly reports and dedicated live forums.

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