Changing Management of CLL following New Data at ASH 2013

Hematology Intelligence Delivered: MDoutlook has released its second OncoPoll™ report from ASH 2013, describing the significant clinical impact of new data presented in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL).

Our latest research uncovers that:
– Hematologists worldwide manage four distinct categories of CLL patients in similar volumes
– CLL treaters plan to significantly shift their anti-CD20 antibody therapy selection for “Slow go” CLL Patients from rituximab to obinutuzumab and ofatumumab
– Ibrutinib and idelalisib (both targeted kinase inhibitors) are expected to have a great impact on the treatment of “No go” CLL patients
– Hematologists globally rate the impact of ABT-199 on future treatment of CLL patients high, especially considering it is Phase I clinical development

Download your complimentary copy of your CLL OncoPoll report here.

This is the second in our series of OncoPoll surveys, launched directly after ASH in December. More than 250 hematology treaters from 30 countries in our global network provided their insight. MDoutlook is the first and only disease intelligence organization to publish with this scope, breadth and speed. As in previous years, we work with Oncology Business Review to share this important research with all our colleagues.

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