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MDoutlook® Delivers Precision Intelligence

Accelerating precision engagement

In 2019 MDoutlook engaged over 87,000 cancer treaters to solve their critical business pain points with game-changing precision intelligence and actionable recommendations.

Over the past year, we have helped more clients than ever with timely critical input to their business.  Through our validated and active community of cancer treaters and ThoughtLeaders, we engaged 87,000 physicians worldwide.

We have helped clients make confident business decisions in the following ways.

Precision ThoughtLeader identification and mapping

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Timing is everything in today’s highly competitive environment. Our clients have immediate access to 14,000+ ThoughtLeaders and 120,000+ treaters in more than 60 cancer types across solid tumors, hematological disorders, rare tumor types:

  • For one of our clients, we analyzed 1,300 US physician-reported patient outcomes of GI tumor types leading to interesting insights. Academic ThoughtLeaders, on average, saw 20% more patients than community-based ThoughtLeaders.


Impactful KPI and ATU tracking 

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During 2019, we helped Brands’ success by tracking and anticipating market dynamics through highly focused and customized KPI /ATU projects delivering impactful insights and actionable recommendations:

  • For one of our clients, we analyzed 8 key EU markets using our tailored KPI measurement approach, helping them triple their market share in 18 months, generating north of €100m in additional sales.
  • For another client, we launched a ground-breaking study in hemophilia to measure their brand’s health in a dynamic market through our hybrid ATU-KPI approach across 17 countries reaching more than 420 hematologists.

Dynamic ONCpulse surveys

Clients utilized our agile and adaptive service, ONCpulse, to conduct micro quantitative and qualitative research when needing to answer today’s critical business questions tomorrow:

  • One of our clients, reflecting on an ONCpulse project interviewing 50 Oncologists’ in metastatic gastric cancer, said “This is great! Thanks. I appreciate the quick turnaround and will discuss the results with my ad agency on Wednesday.” Marketing Director of a large BioPharmaceutical Company.
  • For another client, we used our community of treaters to help them interview 30 oncologists in a hard-to-find-group focusing on 2nd line treatments in head & neck cancer.

Let’s take the next step to discuss our contribution to your success in 2020. Contact us today at [email protected] or call at +1 404.496.4136 to arrange a meeting.

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Meet MDoutlook at an upcoming conference.

We will be at the EAHAD annual meeting (5th to 7th February 2020) in The Hague, Netherlands and look forward to meeting you if you are there.

2020 MDoutlook Leadership Report

Next month, we will release results from the latest wave of our leadership report in oncology and immuno-oncology.   More information about the 2020 Leadership Study will become available as we publish the read-out results.

Please contact us if you wish to be included in the distribution of the study.