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Why MDoutlook

MSLs, commercial teams, and brands are challenged with getting in front of the right treaters in challenging dynamic markets. Activeer helps you activate insights and gather real world evidence so you can differentiate in competitive markets.

Businesses that Trust MDoutlook


Activeer Benefits


  • Timely topics with medical experts and influencers
  • High Caliber moderators trained to facilitate meaningful dialog
  • Engage with TLs at virtual congresses


  • Instant Polling and post-meeting measurement that deliver Results
  • Timely and iterative learning
  • Fast and relevant insights in real time


  • Translate clinical development into commercial success
  • Uncover current therapeutic approaches and deliver meaningful insights
  • Disseminate knowledge from experts to the community

Novel Activation

Activeer uncovers the real brand utilization at physician (and patient) levels to help you understand your key markets and geographies.

The Why of RWE

Activeer quickly diagnoses the competitive dynamic so that you can make the best decisions for your brand. Know what your competitors are doing across multiple channels.

Differentiate Through Clinical Insights

Activeer shows you why physicians are making their treatment decisions, what influences them, and helps you get in front of the competition.

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