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Arcas featured in Pharmaceutical Executive article

Walter Armstrong of Pharmaceutical Executive has written an excellent perspective on the CEO of Sanofi-Aventis, Chris Viehbacher, six months into his new position. You can review the article online at or download a PDF copy here.

Arcas’ President Jan Heybroek was quoted several times in the article:

  • “The pharma business is now more than ever about sales—and about solid assumptions and actual delivery—as opposed to interesting science that may or may not work,” said The Arcas Group’s Jan Heybroek.
  • “Oncology is a very lucrative field requiring very specialized skill sets. Given Sanofi’s past success in major tumor types, the company should have already gained traction in the smaller tumor types,” says The Arcas Group’s Heybroek. “But its pipeline is nowhere near as deep and diverse as, say, Novartis’.”
  • In his brief tenure, he has already clocked many thousands of miles in air travel and spent billions in biotech ollars, and found time to pay “only the odd visit to my wife and three children.” Where does Viehbacher’s rive come from? Is it the money? His early childhood? The dynamism Viehbacher has introduced is undeniable. “He’s the real deal,” says Heybroek. “He’s confident enough to allow communication and ontention to emerge and not to need to hide behind an entourage. He can inspire people to follow him.”

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