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ASCO Approves Two Abstracts Based on MDoutlook Research

We are very pleased to announce that the Scientific Program Committee has accepted two abstracts submitted to the 50th Annual Meeting of ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) based on research performed by MDoutlook on behalf of Dr. Kenneth Miller, Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, MD. The posters will be presented at the meetingĀ in Chicago on May 30 – June 3.

The abstracts are currently under embargo by ASCO and will be released on May 14 at 5pm EDT on this website. However, we can share meanwhile time that each study focused on ill-defined areas in cancer care:

  1. the definition and use of the word ‘Death’ by oncologists in cancer care
  2. oncologistsā€™ perceptions of their patientsā€™ residual risk of recurrence as well as the duration and reasons for follow-up care

Stay tuned to this site as we will share access to the full abstracts once the embargo has been lifted. Check this link for our abstract on cutaneous T-cell lymphoma accepted for the 2011 ASCO meeting. Our research and insight has been included in many commercial and scientific meetings, presentations and plans.

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