Navigating the ThoughtLeader Landscapes in the New Normal 

thoughtleader landscape

Learn how to navigate the ThoughtLeader landscapes in the new normal.

Physicians are facing a major backlog of patient cases after Covid-19 diverted healthcare resources throughout 2020. ThoughtLeaders, or Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and, clinicians on the ground are now harder than ever to access and activate, winning share of mind requires deeper knowledge of their networks and careful planning of every engagement.

Communication between ThoughtLeaders and clinicians has been impeded. So, to make an impact in the ‘new normal’, you need intimate knowledge of the ThoughtLeader landscape. You also need to understand how it is changing and how influence is shifting, including among Rising Stars. Equally important is an understanding of which KOLs are most active on social media, and on which platforms.


Know your target 

No two ThoughtLeaders have the same priorities. You need, therefore, expert knowledge of every one of your target KOLs’ individual preferences and goals in order to make a more personalized approach and provide value.  For example:

  • What are their clinical interests?
  • Are they experts in a particular treatment or technique?
  • What are their preferred treatment approaches in clinical practice?
  • What does value mean to them?
  • How can they best be supported?
  • How predisposed are they to work with pharma companies?

When choosing to engage ThoughtLeaders in clinical research partnerships, it’s important to target the right ones. At what level do they influence others – globally, nationally, or regionally?  Do they have the stature and energy to impact on formularies and treatment algorithms? Do they influence other ThoughtLeaders, and if so, which ones and how?

If you aim to leverage your target KOL as a speaker, or an author on a publication, be sure to read all their previous material before you engage with them, to learn what drives them professionally.

Or if you plan to recruit your target ThoughtLeader onto a (virtual) advisory board, think about how you can assign each physician a role, topic, or section of the agenda that best fits their own clinical interests and priorities.


Understand your target’s network 

Many ThoughtLeaders are most engaged with life science companies when a colleague they trust already has a relationship with the company. Remember: while two physicians may be ‘connected’ if, say, they work in the same hospital, that doesn’t necessarily mean one will influence the other. It could be quite the opposite if there are divergences in their treatment approaches or clinical priorities.

That means you need to know who your chosen KOL has partnered with in clinical trials, shared roles with on leadership boards and in organizations and associations, and collaborated with on published articles, editorial boards, conference talks, and physician panels. In short, you need to know who is playing a role in their decision making.


Personalize your approach 

ThoughtLeaders will respond differently to different messaging and channels of delivery. For this reason, personalization is the key here and requires careful planning. Some KOLs are more in demand or over-committed than others and harder to reach; some will respond to email, some to a cold phone call, some, a personalized LinkedIn connection or introduction via a close colleague. Others may be better reached through conferences or education programs.

Understanding their digital habits, and their social media interactions with other KOLs can identify new routes to share of mind from digital connections built in the shift to virtual engagement.

Learn more on digitally engaging ThoughtLeaders here. 


Mapping the most direct route to success

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep knowledge are giving life sciences companies the insights to grow their share of mind through different channels. It is now possible to instantly create complex, detailed maps of each ThoughtLeader’s reach of influence, showing researchers, marketers, commercial and medical affairs how to engage with each individual and build more meaningful relationships quickly.

Those relationships – formed from mapping, navigating, and engaging target KOL networks effectively as Covid-19 continues to restrict face to face contact – will be fundamental to brand success in 2021 and beyond.

Learn more about navigating the changing ThoughtLeader landscapes.


Performance Tracking to Stay Ahead of the Curve

It’s never been more challenging than in today’s dynamic climate for your new products or brands to achieve their full potential. Measuring and communicating success is critical. Implementing the right tracking of your product is imperative for monitoring, interpreting and impacting key performance indicators for your market, your products and your competitors.

Orienteer- Performance tracking that guides you to success Describes what Orienteer can give to you!
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Clients regularly engage MDoutlook to install Orienteer™: impactful performance tracking that breeds confidence to successfully navigate brands:

  • Reducing unknowns & blind spots in your market and with competitive activity
  • Getting to the right physicians at the right time to gain meaningful insight and actionable recommendations
  • Anticipating market changes & having timely insights to react & adapt brand plans
  • Superior tracking approach to measure your success and grow your brand

Orienteer- Fine-tuned to delivering critical & timely insights


Orienteer™ offers a powerful platform to drive your new product & brands success

With over a decade of experience responding to our clients growing challenges, we developed Orienteer, a hybrid between KPI tracking and ATU (awareness, trial & usage) studies. A solid foundation on which to benchmark & improve your commercial wins, extend & deepen your physician engagement & relationships and to grow your business!

Orienteer™ delivers strong wins!

A well planned and managed Orienteer performance tracking study improved our client’s commercialization success!

Drawing from our large & validated database of over 130,000 ThoughtLeaders & treaters in oncology, we identified for one of our clients the root cause of their lack of market share. Performing analysis of their 8 key EU markets, we delivered profound insights that changed our client’s strategy.

With Orienteer, MdOutlook insights in 8 EU markets - key to brand success
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Our client, a large pharma firm, was faced with one of their brands not performing well against its KPIs and a stagnant market share shortly after launch. While they had KPI assessments in place, our client lacked deep customer insights. By triangulating relevant key aspects of KPI, ATU, key account analysis and ThoughtLeader research we gained superior insights (e.g. measuring message impact, assessing brand uptake, understanding prescribing drivers & barriers, tracking switching patterns and competitive activity over time) that aided our client to change their brand strategy & triple their market share in 18 months!

Our Orienteer approach contributed to our client generating north of €100m in additional sales by continuing to hone their strategies and tactics at both the European and country levels!

To learn more about Orienteer, we invite you to click here and review the recording from our recent webinar.

For a more personalized discussion of your new product / brands challenges, take the next step to schedule a meeting here or contact us at [email protected] / + 1 404.496.4136.

Let’s grow your brand success together!

Engaging Rising Stars is more relevant than ever!

Rising stars are the upcoming, bright, talented, technophile medical experts in specialist therapy areas. Their outlook on emerging treatment approaches gives an important insight into future treatments. These emerging leaders are often digital influencers as well, making them even more relevant in the current times.

Identifying and engaging with the right rising stars is a key responsibility differentiator for life science companies

  • Rising stars tend to be very forward thinking in terms of new treatment pathways and can give valuable insights into the future that would not necessarily be forthcoming from more established clinical experts
  • Given their relative young age engaging with them early can often lead to a long term benefit to the biotechnology organisation strengthening the link between clinical expertise and development.
  • With a robust online presence, the rising stars engage profoundly with a wide audience.

LUMINEER offers a powerful platform to identify and activate rising stars

Even though emerging talent is identified through metrics derived from scientific presentations and publications in peer-reviewed journals, the rising stars often begin their journey by presenting a novel therapy in a poster session of a scientific meeting.

Rising stars are readily pinpointed through Lumineer. Curated by disease area, Lumineer assists rapid business decisions and deployment of strategy through extensive precision intelligence, deep learning and real-time updates tracking scientific activities to successfully drive identification and activation of your right professional customers!

Lumineer enhances experiences of clients like you when requiring fast, on-demand and ease of access to precision intelligence to assist your ThoughtLeader strategy and planning.

We have helped many clients identify and activate rising stars through our assignments drawing information from our unique validated and active community of over 130,000 treaters including 13,000+ ThoughtLeaders in oncology, hematology and complex rare diseases. We can readily assist you across 60+ disease areas.

For one client, we generated an in-depth TL road map including rising stars for their oncology portfolio, with a particular focus in women’s health.  “This is awesome insight, and especially the ThoughtLeader model allows us to query the data and fine-tune ranking based on the different weighting of criteria. You delivered very robust results that will allow us to engage with the right ThoughtLeaders for the right opportunity using the right drivers’. Therapy Area Leader, Medical Affairs, Global Pharmaceutical Company.

Let’s identify and activate the right target ThoughtLeaders for your business!. Contact us at [email protected] or call +1 404.496.4136. to discuss your ThoughtLeader strategy.

MDoutlook Launches Lumineer as its Latest Precision Intelligence Solution

MDoutlook, a precision intelligence leader specializing in life science strategies, recently launched Lumineer™, an extension of the company’s proven suite of ThoughtLeader identification solutions.

The latest offering in MDoutlook’s thought leadership and precision intelligence services, Lumineer delivers several material differentiators that set it apart from other online Life Science resources. Built on the largest network of cancer-focused physicians globally, Lumineer’s depth of capabilities enable users to develop curated rosters of oncology experts that specialize in a particular type of disease. Lumineer also uses cutting-edge technology to quickly map relevant and accurate professional information to designated practitioners in real-time.

Additionally and uniquely, Lumineer leverages peer nomination to help refine curated searches based on geographical data points on both a regional and local level. MDoutlook CEO and Founder, Jan Heybroek, discussed how Lumineer makes a perfect complement to its current services, strategies, and solutions:

“The MDoutlook team is very excited about using Lumineer to expand the capabilities we’ve been delivering to our clients for the last six years,” Heybroek said. “Our online community of cancer treaters is currently at approximately 150,000 validated physicians globally—and is continuously growing. Lumineer affords us an ideal opportunity to build our platform with real-time, relevant information that helps light a direct path between our clients and physicians.”

Lumineer utilizes proprietary technology that merges unique machine learning, AI innovation, human intelligence, and the voice of its online community to identify the very best thought leaders with every search. Once implemented, Lumineer is available immediately to designated life science teams, providing dynamic and diverse insights on oncology ThoughtLeaders for specific initiatives and engagements.

Most importantly, Lumineer centralizes thought leadership intelligence, enabling various teams within the same organization to work from a single platform that optimizes marketplace transparency. “At MDoutlook, we’re finding that, more and more, our clients are working with thought leaders in both development and educational capacities,” Heybroek said. “Lumineer’s transparency equips users to step outside of internal silos, develop fresh perspectives, and build-out strategic goals based on upto-date data for optimized project and program success.”

About MDoutlook

MDoutlook works with life science organizations to develop research-based consulting and precision intelligence solutions. To learn more, contact MDoutlook at [email protected] or call us at +1 404496-4136.

Lumineer webinar – 17th June 2020 at 11.00 AM EST 

Join us at the launch of Lumineer: Three ways to Identify and Activate ThoughtLeaders. Watch the webinar here. 


Oncologists’ Treatment Rationale and Wish-List in IO

The latest release from our annual corporate leadership reveals multiple factors supporting the use of an IO approach having similar impact on treatment decisions. Factors most driving oncologist usage were efficacy and quality of life benefits offered by IO treatments followed by label safety and availability of biomarkers. With little geographical difference, US oncologists stressed more importance on the rate of disease progression compared to their EU based colleagues.

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Oncologists also shared that information about efficacy is their most desired area for improvement by pharma. Information on side effects and use in expanded indications for earlier disease were preferred more by EU based physicians whilst US colleagues stressed greater importance on quality of life and real-world evidence.

About the study

The 2020 Corporate Leadership Study was conducted with 100 oncologists across US and EU using ONCpulseTM  agile research solution. ONCpulseTM answers today’s business questions tomorrow through global access to 130,000+ experts and treaters in oncology, hematology and complex rare diseases.

The objectives of the study were:

  • Defining what ‘corporate leadership’ means to the oncology community
  • Revealing the leaders (in oncology and IO) and an evaluation of their performance by oncologists
  • Assessing current barriers and drivers to IO treatment choice and identifying oncologist views on areas for needed improvement by pharma.

Clients like you invest in MDoutlook as their partner of choice thanks to the positive accolade garnered from praise across the industry.

Want a report copy?

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Mastering Virtual Conference Data Presentation Impact

With ASCO announcing their inaugural virtual program last week and ahead of other major oncology and hematology conferences (such as EHA) moving online, client appetite for planning their activities have not abated in hiring us to measure impact of their data announcement activity in the current “new norm”.

Have you planned measurement of your upcoming virtual conference activity?

Irrespective of the meeting format, measuring data announcement impact is more important than ever. With the deluge of scientific data presentations planned, clients are eager to assess the effectiveness of the virtual conference format and assess the impact of their activities in breaking through the competitive noise. Through access to the largest validated global online community of 130,000+ ThoughtLeaders and treaters (in oncology, hematology and complex rare diseases) are we able to get to your core targets to evaluate whether announcements change oncologists’ behavior and estimate how a data presentation influences their future treatment decisions and clinical practice.

Be the first to know!

Clients often find themselves in a situation where they need to quickly understand the implications of their own and competitors’ conference data announcements. For one of our clients we recruited 500 oncologists across 30 countries within a week of the conference via our agile ONCpulseTM research service. Timely access to the results allowed our client to confidently react quickly to our insights! Often, we are the first to offer in-depth results after a congress.

Client feedback

“Rapid results allowed us to adapt our commercialization plans for the following year and assess success of our own data announcements. This is very useful for us in light of next year’s planning”.

Brand Director Oncology, Major Pharmaceutical Company

Tracking your impact post conference matters

Whilst measuring conference impact is important, tracking follow-up activity from a conference is of even greater importance and should not be overlooked when assessing the influence and reach of your messages. In the current “new-norm”, these channels for communication will be less affected!

Conference data announcements speak volumes and the virtual format will similarly be as impactful. However, the importance of measuring follow-up and impact from messaging activity post-conference is neatly highlighted from a client survey of 147 US oncologists in showing little difference with attention captured at conferences when compared to post-conferences.

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About half (n=75) of US oncologists who did not attend the conference rated their awareness of the news as relatively high. Nearly two-thirds of academic non-attendees rated their awareness of conference results as high or very high and by comparison, still almost half of US community oncologists rated their level of awareness on a similar basis. We must not forget that non-attendees choice for staying up-to-date of information post conference will in most cases be via digital communication channels and least affected by the current situation.

Conference research specialists

Are you currently facing the challenge of measuring the impact of your scientific data presentation in the “new-norm”? For clients like you we make this process easy. With 10+ years’ experience and more than 140 projects under our belt, take the next easy step to meet using the calendar link or contact us at [email protected] or call +1.404.496.4136.

Choose MDoutlook to measure the success of your scientific data presentation.

Leadership Success in IO from Oncologists’ Perspectives

Having recently named the 2020 leaders in oncology and ImmunoOncology, our latest release from our annual Corporate Leadership report reveals the key attributes oncologists view as driving successful leadership in IO.

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“Products” and “R&D/Product Pipeline” are the two most important aspects driving oncologists’ view of Corporate Leadership. The top five domains account for 73% of Oncologists’ definition of leadership in ImmunoOncology (IO) and include “Patient Support”, “Corporate Commitment” and “Customer Service”.

Engaging oncologists from the EU and US, we found a high consistency in their response but there were also notable differences:

  • US oncologists stressed higher importance on “Customer Service” ranking it 3rd compared to 7th amongst EU oncologists
  • EU oncologists favoured “MSLs / Medical Affairs” higher than their US colleagues (ranking 5th vs 8th in US)

Direct customer engagement performed through life science companies commercial and marketing activities account for 35% of oncologist’s preferred domains.

To get your copy of the 2020 Corporate Leadership report, please click here to request your report copy.

About the study

The 2020 Corporate Leadership Study was conducted with 100 oncologists across US and EU using ONCpulseTM agile research solution. ONCpulseTM answers today’s questions tomorrow through global access to 130,000+ experts and treaters in oncology, hematology and complex rare diseases.

The objectives of the research were to:

  • Define the meaning of ‘corporate leadership’ to the oncology community
  • Reveal the leaders in oncology and ImmunoOncology (IO) to compare/contrast how companies are evaluated by oncologists
  • Assess current barriers and drivers to ImmnoOncology treatment use and identify what oncologists would like to see improved by corporate leaders in the IO space

Clients like you choose MDoutlook as their precision intelligence partner of choice though the winning solutions and team expertise that has garnered praise from across the industry. If you would like your personalized leadership briefing and map out your teams future success, lets take the next step to arrange a meeting using the calendar link or contact us today at [email protected] or call +1.404.496.4136.

Unveiling 2020 Leaders in Oncology & IO

In our latest annual series exploring corporate leadership (in oncology and IO), oncologists shared their views to reveal BMS (and Celgene), Merck & Co and Roche / Genentech as dominant in oncology and ImmunoOncology.

Click on image to enlarge

Today’s corporate leaders dominated in 2019 with oncologist preferences showing consistency in their ranking companies (year on year) with one notable change as Pfizer dropped out the 2020 top 3 leaders in EU oncology.

Oncologists chose to rate corporate leadership across a greater number of companies in oncology compared to a tighter list of companies they rated in ImmunoOncology.

Leadership was determined through triangulation of three robust approaches. IO corporate leadership patterns were more distinct with clear leaders (compared to oncology) across tumor types.

  • BMS ranked first in IO tumor types including AML, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Multiple myeloma, HCC, Pancreatic, Kidney, Melanoma and Head & Neck cancers
  • Roche / Genentech was rated top in B-cell lymphomas, Breast (including HER2+, HR+ & TN), Bladder and SCLC
  • Merck & Co made IO pole position in Colorectal, NSCLC and Prostate cancer

Around half of US (50%) and EU (58%) oncologists view corporate leadership in IO broadly, and the other half view corporate leadership by individual tumor types.

Our next post will explore attributes oncologists viewed as driving successful corporate leadership.

About the study

The 2020 Corporate Leadership Study was conducted with 100 oncologists across US and EU using ONCpulseTM agile research solution. ONCpulseTM  answers today’s questions tomorrow through global access to 130,000+ experts and treaters in oncology, hematology and complex rare diseases.

The objectives of the research were to:

  • Define the meaning of ‘corporate leadership’ to the oncology community
  • Reveal the leaders in oncology and ImmunoOncology (IO) to compare/contrast how companies are evaluated by oncologists
  • Assess current barriers and drivers to ImmunoOncology treatment use and identify what oncologists would like to see improved by corporate leaders in the IO space

Want to find out more? Click here to get your copy of the 2020 Corporate Leadership report .

We breed client confidence as a leading precision intelligence company through winning solutions and team expertise. Lets discuss your and your teams future leadership success. Take the next step to arrange a meeting using the calendar link or contact us today at [email protected] or call +1.404.496.4136.

Driving ThoughtLeader Activation in Your Brand Journey

Most life science companies strategize to engage ThoughtLeaders with the majority of clients deploying engagement strategies during Phase 3 / launch. A small number target influential ThoughtLeaders earlier (pre-clinical/pre-launch) building long-term valuable relationships (‘brand ambassadors”) within scientific and physician communities.

Along the product journey, MDoutlook empowers clients by engaging experts and treaters at different stages through superior approaches to identification, mapping and activation.

Right ThoughtLeader and Treater

Clients hire us to hyper-target experts and treaters that matter most in their journey whether driving impactful commercialization strategies or engaging influential scientific experts during pre-launch. With an unparalleled global community, we instantly access clinicians (including niche targets) to your competitive advantage.

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Right information, right time

Making confident decisions on-the-go matters most to our clients who regularly choose us to be there for them when it matters most with meaningful precision intelligence!

  • Improving targeting or call planning, we support sales activity planning through immediate identification or verification of valuable experts and treaters
  • Through rich profiling, finding influential scientific ThoughtLeaders in your brand journey to involve with e.g. clinical trials, medical publications or scientific conferences
  • Optimizing expert collaborations at the (inter)national, national and local level from mapping network behind networks for maximum impact!

Rapid activation

Clients retain us knowing quick and easy wins to activating experts and treaters are consistently delivered

  • Answering today’s questions, tomorrow via ONCpulse studies
  • Through powerful and actionable insights e.g. navigating brand performance in competitive markets through hybrid KPI / ATU tracking

Clients judge us on successful outcomes:

  • For one client, we measured conference data impact in a week via insights from 500 top oncologists, worldwide. “Rapid results allowed us to adapt our commercialization plans and assess the success of our own data announcements. This is very useful for next years’ planning” Brand Director Oncology, Major Pharmaceutical Company.
  • For another client, using our Oncology community, we activated highly influential ThoughtLeaders across five countries in Asia, for an Ad Board to ascertain messages resonating with those on the ‘decision edge’ in Hepato-Cellular Carcinoma (HCC)

We breed client confidence as a leading precision intelligence company with transparent solutions and team expertise. Let’s take a positive step together to make 2020 a success for you, your brand and business! Contact us today at [email protected] or call +1 404.496.4136. to arrange a meeting.

Accelerating precision engagement

In 2019 MDoutlook engaged over 87,000 cancer treaters to solve their critical business pain points with game-changing precision intelligence and actionable recommendations.

Over the past year, we have helped more clients than ever with timely critical input to their business.  Through our validated and active community of cancer treaters and ThoughtLeaders, we engaged 87,000 physicians worldwide.

We have helped clients make confident business decisions in the following ways.

Precision ThoughtLeader identification and mapping

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Timing is everything in today’s highly competitive environment. Our clients have immediate access to 14,000+ ThoughtLeaders and 120,000+ treaters in more than 60 cancer types across solid tumors, hematological disorders, rare tumor types:

  • For one of our clients, we analyzed 1,300 US physician-reported patient outcomes of GI tumor types leading to interesting insights. Academic ThoughtLeaders, on average, saw 20% more patients than community-based ThoughtLeaders.


Impactful KPI and ATU tracking 

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During 2019, we helped Brands’ success by tracking and anticipating market dynamics through highly focused and customized KPI /ATU projects delivering impactful insights and actionable recommendations:

  • For one of our clients, we analyzed 8 key EU markets using our tailored KPI measurement approach, helping them triple their market share in 18 months, generating north of €100m in additional sales.
  • For another client, we launched a ground-breaking study in hemophilia to measure their brand’s health in a dynamic market through our hybrid ATU-KPI approach across 17 countries reaching more than 420 hematologists.

Dynamic ONCpulse surveys

Clients utilized our agile and adaptive service, ONCpulse, to conduct micro quantitative and qualitative research when needing to answer today’s critical business questions tomorrow:

  • One of our clients, reflecting on an ONCpulse project interviewing 50 Oncologists’ in metastatic gastric cancer, said “This is great! Thanks. I appreciate the quick turnaround and will discuss the results with my ad agency on Wednesday.” Marketing Director of a large BioPharmaceutical Company.
  • For another client, we used our community of treaters to help them interview 30 oncologists in a hard-to-find-group focusing on 2nd line treatments in head & neck cancer.

Let’s take the next step to discuss our contribution to your success in 2020. Contact us today at [email protected] or call at +1 404.496.4136 to arrange a meeting.

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Meet MDoutlook at an upcoming conference.

We will be at the EAHAD annual meeting (5th to 7th February 2020) in The Hague, Netherlands and look forward to meeting you if you are there.

2020 MDoutlook Leadership Report

Next month, we will release results from the latest wave of our leadership report in oncology and immuno-oncology.   More information about the 2020 Leadership Study will become available as we publish the read-out results.

Please contact us if you wish to be included in the distribution of the study.