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Breast Cancer ThoughtLeader Insight 2014

MDoutlook identifies and engages with cancer treaters of all disciplines, clinical interest, practice setting, and ThoughtLeader status. Since our start in 2008, we have profiled more than 6,500 global oncology ThoughtLeaders, identifying their National, Local and Referral ThoughtLeader rankings.

With the ASCO Breast Cancer Symposium in San Francisco this month, we thought it useful to share some highlights of our US-focused ThoughtLeader research in breast cancer:

  • 125+ National ThoughtLeaders
  • 700+ Local ThoughtLeaders
  • 700+ Referral ThoughtLeaders – “Who do you refer your patients to for treatment?” 

The top 8 referral ThoughtLeaders in Breast Cancer in the US
Top 8 Referral ThoughtLeaders in Breast Cancer

Further analysis of the physician referral patterns, yields the following the Top US referral institutions for breast cancer:

1. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
2. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
3. University of California San Francisco Medical Center
4. University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
5. Mayo Clinic
6. Stanford University Hospital
7. Duke University Medical Center
8. Northwestern Memorial Hospital
9. UCLA Medical Center
10. University of Michigan Medical Center

MDoutlook’s methodology utilizes a proprietary and integrated peer-nomination system allowing for prominence of clinical reputation via peer ranking. Employing the unique MDoutlook ThoughtLeader Attribute Dial™, additional criteria are weighed such as:

  • Publication and clinical trial
  • Leadership
  • Professional profile
  • Public profile
  • And other client-specific factors

For more information or to discuss how we can support your work in breast cancer and other areas of oncology, please contact Craig Krugman (+1.404.452.5988). Or do connect with him at the upcoming ASCO Breast Cancer meeting in San Francisco.