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Could Up-And-Coming KOLs boost your brand’s HCP engagement?

Rising stars are the upcoming, bright, talented, technophile medical experts in specialist therapy areas. Their assessment and outlook on emerging treatment approaches inform a successful oncology market research strategy and give life sciences companies an important insight into a treatment’s brand perception among HCPs. These emerging leaders are often digital influencers as well, making them even more relevant for HCP engagement in the current times.

Identifying Rising Start Thoughtleaders

Identifying and engaging with the right rising stars is a key route to HCP engagement:

  • Rising stars tend to be very forward thinking in terms of new treatment pathways and can give valuable insights into the future that would not necessarily be forthcoming from more established clinical experts.
  • Given their relatively young age engaging with them early can often lead to a long term benefit to the biotechnology organization strengthening the link between clinical expertise and development.
  • With a robust online presence, the rising stars engage profoundly with a wide audience.

Even though emerging talent is identified through metrics derived from scientific presentations and publications in peer-reviewed journals, the rising stars often begin their journey by presenting a novel therapy in a poster session of a scientific meeting.


New technology is now powering deeper oncology market research and enabling medical affairs to reach and activate those vital rising stars, driving brand success by building treatments’ reputations among a digitally engaged audience of physicians. This technology is precision intelligence: the machine learning that gives medical affairs an intimate knowledge of the ThoughtLeader landscape and the complex networks of influence between different rising stars. 

Curated by disease area, precision healthcare market intelligence platforms allow pharmaceutical companies to make faster business decisions and boost HCP engagement more effectively.


MDOutlook’s own healthcare market intelligence platform, Lumineer™, draws on information from a validated and active community of over 400,000 clinicians, 15,000 of whom are ThoughtLeaders in oncology, hematology and complex rare diseases. 


Case study

One of MDOutlook’s clients, a global pharmaceutical company, required an in-depth ThoughtLeader roadmap including rising stars to inform their oncology market research, with a particular focus on women’s health.


According to the company’s Medical Affairs Therapy Area Leader: “The ThoughtLeader model allows us to query the data and fine-tune rankings based on the different weighting of criteria. This delivers very robust results that will allow us to engage with the right ThoughtLeaders for the right opportunity, using the right drivers.” 


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