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Engaging ThoughtLeaders At Filtration Points

Access to ThoughtLeaders and clinicians is more difficult than it has ever been, necessitating paradigm shifts and new approaches to deliver both promotional and medical information. MDOutlook has developed a leading edge approach to engage national, regional and local ThoughtLeaders at critical “Filtration Points.” These peer-to-peer clinical engagements are then condensed into powerfully granular syndicated reports that can be disseminated to all institutions, networks and clinicians. In this video, MDOutlook’s Jim Gruber defines “Filtration Points,” a powerful paradigm shift for the ‘20s. He also explains why MDOutlook is uniquely positioned to help your brand understand and engage ThoughtLeaders at “Filtration Points.” He also shares how Activeer peer-to-peer programs are developed, orchestrated, and published. Finally, he covers how the Activeer Clinical Intelligence (Syndicated) Report Series can be a game-changer for your team.