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Feedback from our clients and panel

Working with over 40 different clients, more than 20,000 physician engagements and successfully delivering more than 300 projects in the last 5 years, we receive feedback all the time. Typically, this feedback ranges from very good to great, which is reflected by our 90+% client retention rate. Recently, our team received several compliments that makes me extra proud:

  • From a new client: “…all my vendors had mentioned that it would be impossible to recruit 100 Medical Oncologists for our client’s ASCO study. You delivered more than 100 in the allotted timeframe and the study is still accruing. I am very impressed that MDoutlook delivered where others said that it could not be done.”
  • From an existing client: “Thank you for the deep insight and analysis your team provided in this key strategic area. We have started to implement the first recommendations and are already experiencing the benefits. Your team has delivered as always and I value the oncology experience your team brings to the project.”
  • From a medical oncologist panel member at ASCO 2014: “I enjoy being part of your panel and participate regularly. Your studies are meaningful, insightful and the questions are of a quality I rarely see in other market research studies. I especially appreciate MDoutlook sharing its research insight as this helps my practice. Nowadays, I am highly selective in my participation due the time available; I have to make choices and when participating in market research, I typically only select your studies.”

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Thank you,
Jan A. Heybroek
President, MDoutlook