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ASH 2021 Recap: 20-Year Analysis of the Expansion in Hematology

ASH 2021 Recap: 20-Year Analysis of the Expansion in Hematology

In recognition and preparation of ASH 2021 (American Society of Hematology 2021 Meeting), the MDOutlook team analyzed more than 30 million publications for author collaborations in hematology since 2002. Over a period of 2 weeks, we produced valuable insights that show a rapidly expanding global network of collaboration across 3 important diseases.

At the annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology, we developed a methodological framework that identified authors and publications analyzed on 4 dimensions: time, geography, disease area, and type of collaboration.

The above graphic illustrates professional locations and collaborations in CLL, DLBCL and Multiple Myeloma over a 20 year time period.

Each dot represents an author with the disease area colored:

CLL: white

DLBCL: pink

Multiple Myeloma: blue

and a line (“edge”) signifying a collaborative relationship between multiple authors.

For each of these authors illustrated above, MDOutlook’s product, Lumineer provides a complete professional profile that includes deep insights (authorship, clinical research, networks, peer influence) and ThoughtLeader analysis. Lumineer runs annual, peer nomination surveys to validate and measure the strength of KOL influences in each disease area covered.

Our team can provide analysis across all benign and malignant hematological diseases, cancers, and rare diseases. These insights also provide you with a competitive advantage in accessing clinicians to connect with education, information, and other activation initiatives which steer towards a positive impact on clinical care. Contact us for more information.