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Hyper-targeting Oncologists

Whilst the importance of conferences such as ASCO and ASH are acknowledged this mantle is shared more than ever today.

ESMOs importance has grown significantly in recent years both in terms of size and diversity of audience as well as its reach as a global platform (e.g. more US healthcare professionals following ESMO online). In 2018, ESMO attracted nearly 28,000 attendees from 137 countries and over 3,000 submitted abstracts compared to 16,000 attendees from 127, and just over 2,000 submitted abstracts from the 2012 ESMO conference.

There has also been a noticeable rise in the importance of highly targeted disease-focused conferences such as EHA, IASLC, ICML, increased number of breakout meetings under the auspices of ASCO and ESMO (focusing on one cancer), and other similar scientific conferences with their increased importance as a platform for the dissemination of new data, meetings, exchange and reach to a global audience.

Hyper-targeting the right audience

With this in mind, biopharmaceutical companies need reliable agency partners with winning expertise and experience knowing what it takes to master these trends. In a highly competitive space where hyper-targeting is essential, MDoutlook provides clients with the right mix of agile assets, value solutions, and professional customer access to drive successful precision engagement with your most relevant customers in oncology, hematology, and rare diseases.

In a recent project, we measured the impact of our client’s new data announcements by interviewing oncologists in a rare disease area attending the International Congress on Malignant Lymphomas (ICML) in Lugano. The challenge was even greater due to the timing of the meeting, immediately following EHA and the need to engage oncologists based in the US and attending this highly focused European meeting.

Whether you are assessing the impact of data announcements or have another project in mind that requires hyper-targeting of your professional customers, we can enable your success by utilizing our proprietary assets and access to the world’s largest verified community of >120,000 treaters and experts in oncology, hematology, and rare diseases. This community is enriched through physician self-reported characteristics, and external adapters that are carefully and meaningfully applied through machine-learning and AI.

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