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MDoutlook® Delivers Precision Intelligence

Immediate access to your target ThoughtLeaders

Identifying the right experts is often lengthy and challenging for biopharmaceutical companies and their agencies. At MDoutlook, we streamline the process to gaining precision engagement to the expertise of over 14,000 ThoughtLeaders and 120,000+ qualified treaters in oncology, hematology and rare diseases from over 120 countries.

Timing is everything in today’s highly competitive environment. We can help you immediately access verified and active ThoughtLeaders available in more than 60 cancer types across solid tumors (eg lung, breast), hematological disorders (eg various leukemia & lymphoma disorders) and rare tumor types (eg neuroendocrine tumors, mesothelioma). Subscribe today to access  your target ThoughtLeader database for 2020 planning.

Precision ThoughtLeader identification and mapping

Our intuitive dashboard gives clients direct access to MDoutlook’s ThoughtLeader Attribute DialTM . Driven by our proprietary technology and transparent algorithms, clients can manipulate the detailed information to get access to different data sets and results based on changing inputs to match your business needs.

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Our unique peer nomination process helps clients refine their identification of ThoughtLeaders highly regarded by their peers, especially those with more influence, those beyond the “top 50” and interest groups such as “Rising Stars”. Obtaining this information is easy and our dashboard enables clients to have all information in one place at their fingertips.

Our infographics allow user friendly access to ThoughtLeader information. Striving to meet client needs, we recently enhanced our dashboard functionality with newly created peer nomination maps allowing greater interactivity for clients to query the data and spot different ThoughtLeader connections.

For one of our clients, this has proved particularly impactful when uncovering early adopters for a specific cancer treatment when estimating treatment volumes and identifying high volume treaters.

Supporting all your ThoughtLeader activities

Whether you are engaging with ThoughtLeaders digitally, personally, or on the phone, we support you on your knowledge journey. We provide readily available expert insights and ThoughtLeader identification that will make your advisory councils, expert calls, congresses, and virtual engagements a success! At MDoutlook, we help clients to leverage ThoughtLeaders throughout the commercialization lifecycle of a compound and provide meaningful insights across functions to boost both opportunities and revenues.

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