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Immediate Insight to Key Questions – Recent Survey Work

At MDoutlook, we have completed more than 230 research studies since 2008. A number of recent survey projects stand out because of the insight delivered to existing and new clients.

Recent highlights:

  1. For a major oncology client, we provided a critical understanding of how European and US cancer treaters are managing adverse events management associated with their product and others in the category. Separate analyses provided by treater segmentation and clinical setting (community vs. academic). Project was completed within 7 weeks.

  2. For a large diagnostics company, we conducted physician-nomination surveys focused on ThoughtLeaders in hematology, both US and Europe. The disease domain was Hodgkin’s and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and heme-pathologists were of key interest. Survey and analysis delivered within 6 weeks.

  3. For a product in clinical development for pancreatic cancer, we assessed the impact of new clinical data for a competitor presented at an international cancer conference. Of particular interest was the message adoption and likely effect on clinical decision making. Project timeline was less than 4 weeks.

  4. An established player wished to understand clinical needs and knowledge enhancement opportunities in one of the large cancers. The client specifically needed insight into the variations between US treater groups (medical oncologists vs surgical oncologists) and different treatment settings. Survey and analysis were completed within 6 weeks.

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