Clinical paradigm of Multiple Myeloma changed by ASH 2013 data

Hematology Intelligence Delivered: MDoutlook has released its first OncoPoll™ report from ASH 2013, focusing on the clinical impact of new data presented in Multiple Myeloma.

In this latest research we confirm that:

  • Hematologists worldwide have nearly even distribution of newly diagnosed patients and relapsed refractory patients
  • Hematologist worldwide plan to increase their lenalidomide maintenance therapy in transplant-ineligible patients by between 28 and 55%
  • Both US and Ex-US respondents rated the impact of carfilzomib higher than the impact of filanesib for the treatment of multiple myeloma patients. However, filanesib impact rating is relatively high for a therapy in phase II clinical trials

Your complimentary copy of this Multiple Myeloma OncoPoll is available here.

This is the first of two surveys, launched directly following the recent ASH meeting. More than 125 hematology treaters responded from our global network to provide insight on the impact of new clinical and research data on daily clinical care. MDoutlook is the first and only disease intelligence organization to publish with this scope, breadth and speed. As in previous years, we work with Oncology Business Review to share this important research with all our colleagues.

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