Ludger Boecken


Executive Director, Medical Analysis

With 20 years of oncology experience from the clinical side as physician, in hospital financing and in pharmaceutical market research, Ludger is uniquely positioned to deliver balanced insights from multiple angles for MDoutlook clients. For more than 13 years Ludger has been deeply involved in commercial and market research data handling and analysis.

Ludger joined MDoutlook in 2015. Leading the research and analysis team, Ludger successfully manages production and timely delivery on the various project types MDoutlook offers. Ludger’s main focuses and passions include the development of complex data analyses and data modelling, delivering insights towards our client’s questions on a deep and data-driven level. Ludger also enjoys optimizing visualization of deliverables to enhance insights and impact.

Having practiced as urologists for 11 years, Ludger has deep personal experience and insight into the clinical world. A large portion of his clinical career revolved around genitourinary oncology, including systemic therapy. Ludger utilizes his medical background extensively for projects and connects to physicians easily.

Following his clinical career Ludger spent several years in hospital management tasked with the introduction of the DRG system for three hospitals. In 2005 Ludger and his family moved from Germany to the United States. He spent the following years establishing a charity in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina and managing a small business in the transportation field. Ludger resides in Atlanta today.