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Colorectal Cancer Patient Flow in Germany

Continuing to deliver on our vision and share disease insight with our clients, members of our proprietary panel of cancer treaters and the global cancer community, MDoutlook has developed the following insight into metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) in Germany.

MDoutlook’s analysis is based on data gathered in a recent web-based study with 82 medical oncologists and gastroenterologists. Their mCRC patient volume represents more than 5% of the 63,000 colorectal cancer patients diagnosed each year in Germany (2012 data: EUCAN Factsheet).

In this study, MDoutlook was able to collect information on patients in 1st Line of Treatment down to 5th+ Line of Treatment, separated out by KRAS Gene Mutation Status (Wild Type, Mutant) as shown in the image below. MDoutlook also collected specific treatment selections by Line of Treatment (not shared).

Patient Flow Chart mCRC in Germany - Summer 2014
Patient Flow Chart mCRC in Germany – Summer 2014

The MDoutlook Analyst Team concludes:

  • Percentage of mCRC patients treated in each line of therapy drops as line of therapy increases:
    ▪ 40% of patients are in 1st line of treatment
    ▪ ~30% are in 2nd line of treatment
    ▪ ~30% are in 3rd + line of treatment
  • Percentage of patients that receive active treatment in later lines of therapy (4th+ line) is lower than the patients in early therapy lines:
    ▪ Nearly all patients in 1st and 2nd line undergo active treatment
    ▪ A little over 90% of 3rd line patients receive active treatment
    ▪ Drops to 77% of 4th line and 61% of 5th+ line patients
  • Percentage of KRAS wild type mCRC patients are consistently higher than KRAS mutant across all therapy lines
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