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ONCpulse™ recently provided time sensitive feedback from Oncologists’ review of messaging from a TPP project in metastatic Gastric Cancer. Reflecting on the study, the Director of Market Research Oncology of this large biopharmaceutical client reported (Jan 2019): “This is great! Thanks. I appreciate the quick turnaround and will discuss the results with my ad agency on Wednesday.”

Read below a data point example on how we provided insights.

Client need:

  • To obtain immediate feedback and ratings on statements to support a messaging campaign in metastatic Gastric Cancer (mGC)
  • To gauge reactions to new positioning statements from Oncologists treating a large number of patients with mGC

Project Delivered:

  • ONCpulse provided timely insights from more than 50 qualified US based Oncologists
  • Delivered within 72 hours
  • Custom quantitative study with fully analyzed results, produced by MD/PhD oncology-experienced analysts

Results Achieved:

  • Making confident business decisions with messaging choicesONCpulse Insights in mGC
  • Shortened development of new messages and provided strong direction for next steps with their ad agency
  • Created time and financial efficiencies to meet their planned timetable and budget

More information about ONCpulse can be found here. Contact us now to learn how we can help you improve your company’s decision making in today’s expansive and disruptive oncology environment.