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Physician Engagement Success – Case Story

In 2011, we significantly expanded our physician engagement services. Working with several clients, we have introduced new CME opportunities and practice management tools to our MDoutlook network of 62,000 validated cancer providers. Our approach focuses on driving new opportunities to the MDoutlook members that will enhance their ability to improve patient care.

A particular success story stands out. One of our CME clients wanted to broaden its reach into the oncology and hematology physician community in the United States. Arcas developed a campaign with a series of targeted emails to physicians, matching the topic of the programs offered to the physician’s clinical interest and practice setting. The CME programs included webinars, downloadable slide sets, monographs, access to live programs and much more. In close coordination with the client’s own marketing efforts, we boosted the client’s outreach into the community by more than 500%!

Here is a slide that the client presented to their management team to discuss the success of the program. Our work started in January 2011 and continued through the year.

Arcas Oncologist Engagement Success - Case Example

To put this into perspective: in 2010, our client had received fewer than 20,000 views and 10,000 downloads of their programs…

If you have a specific oncology intelligence or physician engagement need – big or small, complex or more straightforward, focused on a country or with a global scope, please contact us to discuss your intelligence needs.