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Watch Our Video – Faster Richer Actionable Insights With Pulse Research  

Are you ready to make your market research investments go farther… a lot farther? If so, this 2-min video on DOCpulse™ from MDOutlook is for you.

DOCpulse™ enables your team to obtain valuable insights from ThoughtLeaders and clinicians fast via short, succinct, relevant and meaningful questions at their preferred time and utilizing their preferred communication channel – catching clinicians at their right time to garner valuable insights. As a subscription model, DOCpulse™ allows market researchers, insight managers and marketers to use the platform when needed, rapidly iterate research, inform timely decision-making, build knowledge and renew on demand.

Critically, your questions are answered by a known, validated and curated panel of clinicians that is already assembled. You know exactly which respondents are engaged with limited additional screening and can be confident about the insights delivered. There is no need to waste your valuable research time on lengthy and exhausting screening criteria.

Also, this smart on-demand micro-research approach respects clinicians’ time while yielding valuable insights. Finding the right input is priceless and should never be a one-off event! MDOutlook’s DOCpulse™ research makes it easy to stay connected and in tune with clinicians’ perspectives on an ongoing basis. Whether you are launching a new treatment or a new indication, or seeking to optimize an in-market brand, this two-minute video will share how DOCpulse™ can be a real difference maker, helping your team improve decision-making for more powerful results.

This video explains:

  • The key to nimble research
  • Making your research investment go farther
  • A research approach that meets your timelines and respects clinicians’ time constraints
  • How to build meaningful and lasting engagement with key clinicians and stakeholders
  • How to utilize pulse research to augment traditional research
  • How DOCpulse™ delivers high-quality, validated samples
  • Micro-trackers that provide in time tracking of brands and perceptions in ongoing waves
  • The power of immediacy, particularly in asking follow-up questions and informing iterative decision-making
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MDOutlook is the power behind life sciences brands, giving them tools and resources to achieve their full potential. we help brand experts, market research, and medical affairs teams make better decisions by providing market insights, clear answers on complex questions and actionable recommendations. Our game-changing digital reserach platform, DOCpulse™, delivers valuable insights to medical and commercial teams with best-in-class ThoughtLeader identification, engagement activation, and innovative custom insights to enhance better decision-making.