ONCpulse: Value of Rapid Intelligence

The goal of ONCpulse™ is to provide rapid insights to your customized questions. We greatly appreciate recent feedback received from our clients:
“Thank you so much. That was a quick turnaround, which is great!” – VP, Healthcare Communications Agency
“Excellent turnaround, thanks!” – Chief Commercial Officer, Strategic Consultancy

Read below on how we have used our rapid turnaround to deliver valuable insight to one of our pharmaceutical clients. ONCpulse Methodology and Process

Client Need:

  • Obtain feedback on novel treatment for AML and messaging concepts from U.S. Hematologic Oncologists screened for AML patient volume and certain other criteria
  • Project managed via agencies of a top-5 Oncology Company

Project Delivered:

  • ONCpulse™ provided – within 48 hours(!) – specific insights from 50 qualified U.S. Hematologic Oncologists
  • The respondents manage on average 18 AML patients annually, in both community and academic settings

Results Achieved:

  • The client and its agencies were delivered an actionable roadmap to move forward with the commercialization of this novel AML treatment
  • The rapid market insights shortened the development of new messages and provided strong direction, reducing the number of concepts to be tested subsequently
  • This created both time and financial efficiencies, shortening concept development time by 2 weeks or more, and saving tens of thousands of dollars in fees

ONCpulse AML Insights

ONCpulse™ launched: rapid on-demand custom insights

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest subscription service: ONCpulse™. Realizing that many of our clients struggle with obtaining rapid insights to improve their decision-making, MDoutlook has developed ONCpulse.

ONCpulse delivers rapid, on-demand insights from verified, high quality cancer treaters and experts: ONCpulse
Rapid: Delivering actionable insights within 72 hours
Right: Engaging verified, high-quality cancer treaters and experts
Reach: Covers all cancers and geographies, accessing more than 100,000 cancer treaters globally
Relevant: Answers your specific questions through customized questions

Clients pre-purchase a set research bank of insights that they can implement on-demand. This drives transparency, eases client operations, creates flexibility in timing and scope, and most importantly delivers clients the desired, actionable insights within 72 hours. ONCpulse utilized proprietary assets including the MDoutlook network and technology.

For more information, view the ONCpulse page here, and contact the ONCpulse team at [email protected] or +1.404.496.4136.