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Why MDOutlook

Brands, commercial and clinical teams are challenged with getting in front of the right treaters in challenging dynamic markets. Activeer helps you activate clinicians through insights based on real world evidence so that it supports your brand’s differentiation in competitive markets.

Top Clinician Engagement Challenges

HCP Access

Is HCP access and communication overload blocking your growth?


Do you need to differentiate in competitive markets?

Engaging Clinicians

Are you looking for innovative ways to engage with clinicians and their networks?

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The Why of RWE

Activeer uncovers competitive dynamics and the treatment rationale of Real World Evidence (RWE). Be informed about your brand and your competitors at the same time as the clinicians.

Novel Activation

Activeer engages expert clinicians virtually and deepens the clinical understanding of managing challenging patients. Be informed about real world clinical practice in advance of your competitors.

Activate Through Clinical Insights

Activeer disseminates insights to relevant clinicians and their professional networks for meaningful impact on their clinical practice. Differentiate from your competitors on the right clinical parameters.

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