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Why MDOutlook

For life sciences companies, engaging the right clinicians is essential for the success of any brand. ClinicalXchange hosts weekly product theaters attended by clinicians that are ideal for the product being marketed. Our product theaters are engaging and only take 30 minutes per day, perfect for even the busiest medical professional.

Top Clinician Engagement Challenges


Is your team struggling to reach clinicians in today’s low access environment?

Attention Deficit

When your team finally gets through, do they find it difficult to command quality time with clinicians?


Are you confident your branded and unbranded programs are reaching the right clinicians?

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Mind Share


Gain Share of Mind Through Relevant Reach

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You need consistent access to the right clinicians in order to share the best medical practices and improve patient care. 


Your success depends on long-term engagement with the right clinicians. You need to develop relationships with them and deliver helpful insight on a regular basis.

More Opportunities

ClinicalXchange provides numerous opportunities for engagement including 30 minute exclusive time slots, IME or sponsored content, marketing campaigns, on-demand recording available for posting for up to 3 months, actionable reporting, and access to banner ads and podcasts.


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