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Rob has over 20 years experience in biomedical research, continuing medical education program development and execution, and strategic management.

Rob provides each MDoutlook client with a unique perspective of intimately understanding the disease area researched and understanding the unmet medical needs and issues impacting treatment decisions. He has a deep knowledge of disease intelligence and market research, and successfully directs the Research, Medical Services and Operations teams to answer clients’ strategic questions through efficient use of multichannel intelligence assets. Rob additionally has experience with medical marketing campaigns, corporate communications strategy, finance, and brand development.

Prior to joining MDoutlook, Rob served as a Medical Program Manager at Imedex, where he first worked with Jan. In addition, Rob has been involved in biomedical research at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and at Loyola University Chicago.

In addition to extensive experience with all-types of live and enduring CME activities, Rob’s expertise in biomedical research underpins his understanding of the medical issues surrounding each therapy area, leading to a different perspective to market the strengths and advantages of each client’s offerings. His work in the field is also a great advantage in ThoughtLeader and physician identification and relationship building. Rob has also led both new initiatives and re-organizational efforts in a number of different settings, leading to both cost and process improvements.