Engaged Oncologists

  • Covering all solid and liquid tumors, subsets and rare tumors
  • Provided insight from more than 120 countries
  • Successful engaged more than 87,000 oncologists and multi-disciplinary cancer treaters in 2019
  • Panel organized by specific diseases, functions and geography
  • All physician screening, verification and validation is performed within proprietary system
  • Identification, recruitment and engagement structured around client- and research-specific needs

Robust and Comprehensive Profiling

  • More than 40 different data and insight fields captured
  • Updated through physician engagement (opt-in), machine learning, AI and human intelligence
  • Advanced search and filtering technology available
  • System integration with CRM platform

Global Reach & Coverage

MDoutlook Oncology Network
  • Unique cloud-based platform integrates proprietary data sources with disease specific panels organized by therapy area
  • Research-driven, human-curated
  • Agnostic coverage of regions, practice settings, healthcare systems, specialties
  • Most comprehensive cancer panel in the world

Sample Global Coverage by Tumor Type

MDoutlook Colorectal Cancer Coverage
  • MDoutlook covers more than 65 different cancers with global reach
  • Identified, verified and profiled treaters and ThoughtLeaders by tumor and subtype
  • Physician and institution classifications pre-assigned for micro-targeting