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Video – Give your Medical Affairs Team a Clear Competitive Advantage

The challenges for Medical Affairs teams continue to mount. New treatments are being developed, approved, and launched at an increasing pace. Existing treatments are layering on new indications and, the global pandemic has made it more difficult to reach and to meaningfully engage with the right ThoughtLeaders (TLs) and clinicians. In addition, digital opinion leaders (DOLs) are emerging and challenging traditional KOL paradigms. Who are the influencers in your disease area? How do they influence treatment decisions? Do they have influence on institutional decision-making? And who is truly influencing other ThoughtLeaders and clinicians? It is critical for your medical affairs team to have reliable answers to these and similar questions.

Whether you are launching a new treatment or new indication, pushing to accelerate a launch, supporting an in-market brand, or fending off a new competitor, your MSL team needs a competitive advantage.

The great news is that a clear competitive advantage is available to you and your organization TODAY!

Lumineer™ from MDOutlook is helping medical affairs teams connect the dots to identify, reach and engage the right ThoughtLeaders and clinicians to gain share of mind and share of market.

MDOutlook is the power behind life sciences brands, giving them tools and resources to achieve their full potential. We help brand experts, market research and medical affairs teams make better decisions by providing market insights, clear answers on complex questions and actionable recommendations. We specialize in oncology, hematology and complex rare diseases, for both in-market treatments and new product launches. Our game-changing digital platform, Lumineer™, serves as the engine to rank, prioritize and map the networks of ThoughtLeaders specific to your disease area of interest. The MDOutlook team delivers valuable insights to medical and commercial teams with best-in-class ThoughtLeader identification, engagement activation and innovative custom insights to enhance better decision-making.