Measuring value perceptions of Immunotherapy

ImmunoOncology (IO) expands the treatment possibilities and provides substantial clinical benefit, especially in patients who had little to no effective treatment options less than a decade ago. IO features prominently at the 2019 annual European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) annual congress in Barcelona where agenda items will cover topics such as the current biomarkers in immunotherapy (e.g. PD-L1) and understanding the emerging role of I/O in gastro enterological (GI) cancers.

While IO therapies are among the most promising drugs they are associated with high cost.

Value of medicines number one concern for oncologists.

Where oncologists want pharma to focus their efforts in the next three years
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Financial impact and affordability of medicines are the number one concern for oncologists reported in MDoutlook’s 2019 Leadership research in ImmunoOncology. Oncologists were asked to choose their top three areas (from fourteen attributes) for corporate leaders to improve most in the next three years.

Most Wanted Areas of Improvement for Corporate Leaders in ImmunoOncology - Financial impact
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The sentiment was especially pronounced with US based oncologists where almost half (47%) worry about the financial impact of oncology medications on the healthcare system and patients. In Europe, similar concerns are also shared by a large group of oncologists (37%), and equally viewed as the most concerning aspects moving forward. This coincides with the debate on the value of medicines picking up speed on both continents, and in Europe, more regulators and payors are working together on joint HTA assessments and cross-border purchasing (e.g. BeNeLuxA initiative).

While financial considerations do not materially influence oncologists treatment decisions, the rising cost of medications is an ever-present worry. The surveyed oncologists fear insufficient value may have a toxic financial effect on the overall healthcare system.

Earlier and accelerated access

Oncologists in our research would like to see better and earlier access to innovative treatments for their patients.  Financial support mechanisms such as patient support programs play an important role in making a difference for patients. Aligning your market access programs and strategies with the needs of healthcare professionals will further help to alleviate widely held concerns of “financial toxicity”. Communications and marketing functions also need to improve their messages and materials to communicate enhanced and differentiated value (see our analysis above) for all stakeholders in the healthcare system.

Meet us at ESMO

With IO presentations featuring prominently at major conferences (such as ESMO), it is vital to be in tune with treaters and experts views and have access to timely precision intelligence and actionable recommendations in order to adapt your engagement with your professional audience. Our international teams are uniquely positioned to provide you with vital ingredients of experience, expertise, treaters & ThougthLeader engagement and agile solutions to empower client confidence when guiding commercial strategies.

With wide ranging solutions such as ONCpulse™, we can rapidly access verified and highly relevant oncologists and experts specific to any solid, liquid or rare cancer to capture their views through our large international community.

Let’s take your next step together by meeting at the ESMO annual meeting (September 27 – October 1st) in Barcelona or arranging a more convenient date / time to scope out your future success!

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KPI Measurement Success

In today’s climate, the imperative for new products or brands to achieve their full potential quickly has never been greater. Key to achieving success is measuring and communicating progress, both internally and externally. Tracking your product is an iterative process of measuring, managing and monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) for the market, your product, your competitors.

At MDoutlook, we empower clients with timely precision insights and give confidence in navigating brands successfully in unforgiving markets.

  • Through our key assets we address each brands unique and critical KPIs by targeting the right contacts at the right time in order to furnish clients with rapid, robust and reliable intelligence.
  • Triangulating specific information from KPI tracking research, ATU (Awareness, Trial and Usage) research and other pertinent sources, MDoutlook’s experienced medical and business teams add significant value through timely insights and directly actionable recommendations to drive success!

Improve your commercial strategy

Drawing from our large and validated database of over 120,000 treaters and ThoughtLeaders (TL) in oncology, we identified for one of our clients the root cause of their lack of market share and performed an analysis of 8 key EU markets. We were able to deliver profound customer insights that changed our client’s strategy.

Our client, an international pharmaceutical company, was faced with a dilemma in that one of their brands was not performing well against KPIs, and their market share was stagnant shortly after launch. While there were KPI assessments in place, the client lacked deep customer insights. By exploring and triangulating relevant aspects of KPI, ATU, key account analysis and ThoughtLeader research we gained superior insights (such as measuring message impact; assessing brand uptake; understanding prescribing drivers and barriers; tracking switching patterns and competitive activity over time) that aided our client to change their brand strategy, and their market share tripled in 18 months!

Our KPI measurement approach contributed to our client generating north of €100m in additional sales by continuing to hone their strategies and tactics at both European and country levels!

KPI excellence delivering results!

Utilizing our services, we enable clients to gain a deep understanding of each brand’s unique value proposition. We take a 360-degrees approach (triangulating the right specific and impact information) to understand the barriers and enablers that impact your business.

A critical foundation to our success in tracking KPIs is developing base measurements and planning for uninterrupted performance monitoring to inform confident commercialization decisions.

A critical foundation to our success in tracking KPIs is developing base measurements and planning for uninterrupted performance monitoring to inform confident commercialization decisions.

Engaging our core agile and adaptive services helps MDoutlook deliver actionable KPI precision intelligence and directly actionable recommendations.

  • Rapid results: Timing is everything! We deliver full KPI studies in less than 10 weeks.
  • Right targets: With access to engaged verified, high-quality treaters and experts are we able to reach the speciality physicians key to success.
  • Reach: Access more than 120,000 cancer treaters targeting all tumor and sub-types; ability to reach up to 1 million speciality treaters globally.
  • Robust platform: Adaptable, agile and efficient to cover KPI measurements internationally through MDoutlook proprietary assets.
  • Relevance: Team experience and expertise to guide, customize and drive KPI measurement success with impactful insight and recommendations.

Let´s discuss how we can contribute to your brand’s success through our excellence in KPI measurement. Contact us today at [email protected] or call at +1 404.496.4136 to take the next step.

We will be at the ESMO annual meeting (27 September – 1 October) in Barcelona and look forward to welcoming you there.