Healthcare Provider Engagement Services

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Pharma brands preparing to introduce valuable new treatments to the market can obtain a competitive edge with healthcare provider engagement services. By leveraging these  robust tools to map out and execute product development and marketing strategies, companies can differentiate from competitors and enhance their outreach efforts with healthcare providers (HCPs)

Healthcare provider engagement services make sales and marketing efforts more effective so that companies can engage the right HCPs at the right time to maximize awareness and adoption. Engagement platforms also create synergies that streamline internal processes and expand profitability. A robust platform enables brands to identify and actively interact with clinicians throughout the various stages of a treatment’s lifecycle.  

How Healthcare Provider Engagement Services Can Help Your Brand

In a crowded marketplace for pharmaceutical treatments, companies that begin engaging HCPs – specifically, global and national Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) – in the beginning of their product development and marketing processes are able to increase their opportunity for success.

Effective engagement requires coordinated steps and ongoing management of strategic touchpoints. Companies that target the right clinicians, including Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), at the right time with clear messaging, are able to drive brand awareness and treatment momentum. Healthcare provider engagement services bring these efforts together in a focused way to increase effectiveness. 

What Are Healthcare Provider Engagement Services?

In today’s post-pandemic digitally native environment, HCPs are engaging with brands in new and innovative ways. As a technology platform, healthcare provider engagement services enable companies to tap into real-time market data and HCP consumption trends. Comprehensive research capabilities provide a mechanism for brands to better understand market dynamics so they hone their marketing and sales tactics. Through robust engagement tools, commercial teams can build valuable touchpoints that resonate with target HCPs including KOLs and clinicians.
An HCP engagement platform can merge multiple efforts into a streamlined process and make it easy for companies to:

  • Map the market for HCPs from KOLs to the Point-Of-Care and more
  • Strategically blueprint complex engagement strategies
  • Develop best-in-class peer-to-peer programs
  • Manage touchpoints across multiple digital and physical channels 
  • Host interactive events with HCPs spotlighting KOL brand advocates

HCP Mapping and Blueprinting

A robust healthcare provider engagement platform, such as MDOutlook’s Lumineer, empowers marketing and sales teams by providing them with detailed data about market dynamics and HCPs in their disease area so they can develop winning outreach strategies.

A powerful industry search engine, such as MDOutlook’s Lumineer, paints a comprehensive picture of clinicians, with specific information about geography, disease area, institution, impact on other HCPs and impact on formularies and treatment algorithms. Lumineer allows companies to dive far beyond the typical industry lists of the top 50 to 100 KOLs to regional and local KOLs that comprise the top 300 to 500 KOLs. 

HCP Engagement

HCPs are best engaged with a variety of reinforcing touchpoints. When companies use an engagement platform to map out KOLs and the healthcare providers they particularly influence, they can create more relevant touchpoints. Often, the messenger is more important than the message.

A powerful platform from MDOutlook can help coordinate and host educational and networking opportunities between a brand and its target audience. MDOutlook’s Activeercreates opportunities for high-value activations, such as peer-to-peer programs and product theaters that resonate with clinicians in specific disease states.

Another MDOutlook platform, ClinicalXChange, taps into this demand through 30-minute educational webinars accessible to MDOutlook’s devoted and fast-growing community of hundreds of thousands of healthcare providers. In both cases, brands are able to inform and educate their audience, emerging as trusted thought leaders in a crowded marketplace.

Real-Time Market Insights

With MDOutlook’s Pulse Research, brands can receive feedback from HCPs through qualitative and quantitative studies to better understand the sentiment and usage behaviors of their treatments and those of their competitors. With access to real-time precision insights, companies can begin to answer specific questions about key factors driving market dynamics and treatment adoption far faster than traditional Awareness Trial Usage studies.

MDOutlook’s Healthcare Provider Engagement Services Drive Brand Success

Strategically target the right HCPs who can drive meaningful end results with MDOutlook’s healthcare provider engagement services. With intelligence and real-time precision, Lumineer helps companies map the HCP landscape, while Activeer makes it easy to facilitate high-value activations. Contact us today to schedule a free demo and learn more about how MDOutlook’s services can help your brand achieve meaningful utilization and adoption of new and existing treatments.