Pharma Market Research Services

Governed by Independent ThoughtLeaders

MDOutlook is the power behind life sciences brands. Our pharma market research services provide tools and resources to help brands achieve their full potential. We help Life Sciences Leaders make better decisions by providing market insights, clear answers to complex questions, and actionable recommendations. In addition, we provide leading-edge ThoughtLeader and clinician engagement solutions using Activeer to provide peer-to-peer programs with syndicated reports and ClinicalXchange to provide virtual poster sessions, podcasts and digital engagement programs.

Our game-changing digital platform Lumineer serves as the engine to map, rank and prioritize global, national, regional and local ThoughtLeaders, clinicians, peer-to-peer connections and influencers. This powerful chassis undergirds market research, performance tracking and ThoughtLeader and clinician engagement programs, resulting in rich insights, robust peer-to-peer programs and dramatic increases in both mind share and market share.

Lumineer’s business intelligence platform connects pharmaceutical companies with healthcare providers, or HCPs, that drive adoption of treatments. Through pharma market research services, pharmaceutical companies can identify and connect with the HCPs most critical to the success of new treatments.

Many HCPs now prefer a mix of in-person and digital touchpoints, giving field forces fewer opportunities to meet clinicians in person. By strategically engaging HCPs throughout a treatment’s lifecycle, sales teams can boost adoption and help brands reach profitability goals.

Pharma market research services help brands thoughtfully map HCP engagement to identify the right advocates for treatments at strategic points throughout their life cycles. MDOutlook’s platform and services help pharmaceutical companies better understand the market and engage clinicians, including ThoughtLeaders (TLs), also known as Key Opinion Leaders (KOL), high writers and other HCPs, that can meaningfully affect market opinion and treatment adoption.

On this page, we break down the key features of MDOutlook’s suite of products, which include robust pharma market research services. Each component contributes to HCP strategy development and engagement, helping pharmaceutical companies navigate complex and competitive landscapes, exceed profitability goals, and deliver real-world outcomes that benefit patients.

Lumineer®: ThoughtLeader Insights

To find and engage HCPs that support and advocate for new products, it’s best to begin the process as early as possible in a treatment lifecycle. A powerful engagement platform like MDOutlook’s Lumineer can help marketing teams identify the right HCPs and strategically map out how each can contribute to the success of treatments at specific times.

Lumineer is a robust search tool that helps pharma brands research HCPs by disease focus, institutional connections, geographic influence and published journals. By mapping global, national, regional and local ThoughtLeaders (TLs) and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), brands can implement marketing strategies that increase meaningful HCP engagement.

In a competitive pharmaceutical environment, Lumineer’s pharma market research services offer comprehensive tools that help Life Sciences leaders achieve a competitive advantage when delivering data and medical education to ThoughtLeaders and clinicians.

Lumineer Can Help Field Force Teams:

  • Gather insights to develop data-backed engagement strategies that influence formularies, treatment algorithms, institutions and other HCPs.
  • Prepare for rich discussions with KOLs and TLs with real-time insights
  • Map out the HCPs to engage by niche, geography and level of influence

Orienteer®: Performance Tracking

When brands access real-time market insights, they can make informed decisions when guiding development and strategies for treatments. MDOutlook’s Orienteer provides comprehensive performance tracking rich with information about brand share, competition and treatment/disease state landscapes.

Orienteer’s pharma market research services give LifeScience Marketing teams an intelligent snapshot of how a treatment is performing in the market and the factors driving its momentum. With data about treatment shares, treatment volume and adoption by geography and institution, pharma brands can adjust strategies and messaging to improve performance. Orienteer is 50% faster than more traditional ATU Studies, giving marketing teams an edge in the market.

Activeer®: Clinician Engagement

Once Life Sciences leadership teams have gathered information about the market, they can move on to the next phase of MDOutlook’s pharma market research services: clinician engagement. Through Activeer, pharma teams host and engage with TLs and HCPs and host virtual and in-person events around disease-state-specific topics with a focus on best practices and specific patient cases and outcomes. Peer-to-peer programs bring together high-value HCPs with TLs through networking opportunities and valuable educational content that can be shared widely with the clinicians who ultimately make the decisions about treatment adoption.

Pulse Research®: Wide Disease Coverage

With Pulse Research, MDOutlook’s pharma market research services provide rapid, iterative insights that can be garnered in days rather than weeks or months. Pulse provides important real-time information about market dynamics to Life Science teams. 

Through qualitative and quantitative research about important market components, such as messaging trends, unmet market needs, competition, and HCP sentiment, Life Sciences leaders can shape strategy with confidence.

Consultative Insights®: Precision Intelligence

With MDOutlook’s Consultative Insights, companies can unlock customized pharma market research services and strategies to empower the brand development process. Precision intelligence helps brands understand geographies, territories and institutions so they can better understand customers, territory dynamics, and sales strategies.

ClinicalXchange®: Product Theaters

Key to MDOutlook’s pharma market research services is ClinicalXchange, which is an educational platform that helps LifeSciences teams capture HCPs with engaging and informative content about treatments. Our product theaters and virtual posters provide a seamless and cost-efficient way to reach clinicians, with brand messaging seamlessly incorporated into content HCPs are already consuming.

MDOutlook Can Help You Achieve Sales Goals

As pharmaceutical companies navigate a challenging and competitive marketplace with shifting HCP preferences, MDOutlook’s powerful suite of technology software and services help unlock new levels of growth. Contact us to schedule a free demo today!