Physician Engagement Services

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Pharma brands aiming to get life-enhancing treatments to patients in a competitive market can gain a strong edge over the competition with physician engagement services. By using software to intelligently design strategic engagement programs for healthcare providers (HCPs), life sciences companies can vastly enhance their outreach efforts and maximize profitability.  

How Physician Engagement Services Help Brands

As brands work towards their goals of selling more treatments and improving patient outcomes, they may find intelligent physician engagement software is crucial to their success. MDOutlook’s physician engagement platform, for example, hosts hundreds of thousands of physicians, produces precision market insights, and engages HCPs through online events in a full-circle solution that drives meaningful value for brands. 

Some of the most successful sales tactics involve a labyrinth of strategic HCP touchpoints. The most lucrative HCP engagement strategies require multiple steps and ongoing management, which physician engagement services streamline and support. 

Through physician engagement, pharma brands garner the support of credible HCPs and prescription high writers at strategic points of a treatment’s lifecycle to increase the likeliness of market adoption. These physicians can be powerful brand champions, impacting the opinions of peers in targeted disease areas.

What Are Physician Engagement Services?

When managing a checklist of marketing tasks to support new and existing treatments, it’s helpful to use a software platform that increases synergies and efficiencies. 

Physician engagement services help companies manage strategic tactics such as:

  • Mapping out HCPs and institutions of interest
  • Designing complex engagement strategies
  • Managing multiple digital and physical touchpoints 
  • Hosting events that engage target HCPs
  • Tracking Key Performance Indicators and milestones

We break each of these out here:

HCP Mapping and Initial Research

When sales teams understand the market of HCPs, they’re able to develop more effective touchpoints for physician engagement. A robust search engine, such as MDOutlook’s Lumineer, enables brands to study HCPs by their background and experience. By identifying target physicians by their research and networks, pharma marketing teams can begin to intelligently prepare for engagements to ensure they’re making the best use of HCP’s limited time. 

Lumineer provides granular filtration tools that present niche opportunities for brands to meaningfully enhance a treatment’s success. Companies can search by disease area and geography, even identify global, national, regional and local Key Opinion Leaders. They can map out the types of institutions and HCPs that can most likely aid marketing success and design engagement plans with them in mind. 

Physician engagement services bring efficiency and transparency to sales processes so that pharma brands can strategically activate HCPs to maximize return on investment.  

Physician Engagement

Once a company has identified target HCPs, they can begin to engage them through a series of virtual and in-person touchpoints. Physician engagement services assist this process by coordinating, hosting and disseminating information about meetings and events. Brands often use a mix of digital and physical touchpoints, such as meetings, interactive presentations, dinners and webinars. A robust engagement service also enables companies to circulate content from their educational programs to reach, and provide value to, an even wider audience of HCPs. 

Through MDOutlook’s Activeer, marketing teams build valuable activations that resonate with HCPs seeking networking and educational opportunities. Activeer powers interactive digital engagement opportunities, such as video peer meetings and Q&As. 


Through ClinicalXChange, brands tap into MDOutlook’s powerful educational platform that offers 30-minute lunchtime webinars with opportunities to meet and engage HCPs while dispersing valuable information about research and treatments.

Physician engagement services help brands create value for the treaters who are ultimately responsible for patient prescribing decisions.  

Real-Time Market Insights

By using MDO’s Pulse Research feature, brands can begin to understand the attitudes and usage behaviors of their treatments and those of direct competitors. Real-time precision insights answer questions specific to each unique brand and address complex market studies, faster than traditional Awareness Trial Usage studies. 

When a physician engagement service helps answer questions such as whether or not clinicians would recommend use of a treatment, brands obtain critical market information that steers marketing strategies and brand messaging. 

MDOutlook’s Physician Engagement Services Drive Brand Success

From Lumineer to Activeer, MDOutlook’s suite of physician engagement services help brands maximize ROI on sales efforts. By intelligently mapping the landscape of HCPs and facilitating high-value connections, brands can read the market better than their competitors and execute strategic engagement plans that ensure treatment success. 

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