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Power Of Pulse Research Nov 18

Unlocking the Power of Pulse Research

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November 18, 2021

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5 MIN READ Healthcare influencers are leaders in their field with reach across the marketplace that includes patient care and medicine. Often, healthcare influencers have extensive clinical experience and engage in cutting-edge research, making them deeply knowledgeable in their area of practice. The credibility these medical professionals exhibit in their
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5 MIN READCompanies conduct pharmaceutical market research to understand how investigational and marketed products treat or may be utilized to treat specific diseases. Companies gather this information from a wide variety of sources and interpret it, assessing the market success of treatments within a particular disease state. Pharmaceutical market research
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6 MIN READBy understanding how market dynamics are affecting pharmaceutical KPIs, brands can tweak sales strategies to maximize engagement from healthcare providers (HCPs), thereby improving adoption rates, treatment share, and overall profitability.Pharmaceutical key performance indicators, or pharmaceutical KPIs, are quantifiable measurements of performance that help companies understand how their treatments
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Healthcare providers (HCPs) are critical to promoting the distribution and utilization of new pharmaceutical treatments. Therefore, pharmaceutical companies must collaborate with HCP leaders when bringing their products to market. It’s important to create and implement successful HCP engagement strategies in order to ensure product success across all stages of the
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Healthcare providers, or HCPs, are vital to ensuring the success of a treatment launch. A robust HCP engagement platform can help companies find the right HCPs at the right time to serve as brand advocates. By using a quality business intelligence platform, pharma companies can design and execute effective HCP
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What is HCP engagement and how can it help your business through the various stages of a treatment’s lifecycle? In this article, we will discuss how Healthcare Providers (HCPs) can be identified, engaged and even enrolled as advocates to help pharmaceutical companies implement effective marketing strategies.
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Life sciences leaders often discuss the challenges of engaging healthcare providers (HCPs) and standing out from their competitors. When pharma companies host engaging peer-to-peer programs, such as educational pharmaceutical dinners....
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Best-in-class pharma HCP engagement is the culmination of ThoughtLeader mapping, strategic targeting, and rich insights gained from research (understanding).
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Wondering how to engage HCPs? Read this article to find learn more
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This webinar will explore building deeper relationships with ThoughtLeaders and how to communicate with them.
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