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Power Of Pulse Research Nov 18

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November 18, 2021

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This webinar will discuss three proven steps to building advocacy with your right treaters and ThoughtLeaders: Timely access to the right clinicians & ThoughtLeaders in your disease area Building deeper relationships through successful engagement Activation through insights
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In this webinar, we will help you (1) go deeper in identifying your ThoughtLeaders in a specific disease area, (2) to target your ThoughtLeaders for the right type of activity and (3) provide you the foundation for building stronger relationships with specific ThoughtLeaders and their influence networks.
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It’s never been more challenging than in today’s dynamic climate for your new products or brands to achieve their full potential. Measuring and communicating success is critical. Implementing the right tracking of your product is imperative for monitoring, interpreting and impacting key performance indicators for your market, your products and
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You need brand and market insights yesterday! You are not satisfied with the insights provided because each time you receive them, they are out of date. You want to stay one step ahead. In this webinar, we share ways that you can stay ahead by reacting in time through informed
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Rising stars are the upcoming, bright, talented, technophile medical experts in specialist therapy areas. Their outlook on emerging treatment approaches gives an important insight into future treatments. These emerging leaders are often digital influencers as well, making them even more relevant in the current times. Identifying and engaging with the
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MDOutlook, a precision intelligence leader specializing in life science strategies, recently launched Lumineer™, an extension of the company’s proven suite of ThoughtLeader identification solutions. The latest offering in MDOutlook’s thought leadership and precision intelligence services, Lumineer delivers several material differentiators that set it apart from other online Life Science resources.
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There are certain driving factors to approaching immuno-oncology (IO) that leaders in oncology care about over others when making prescribing decisions about life-saving cancer treatments.  In one MDOutlook survey from a few years ago with 100 leaders in oncology across the U.S. and Europe, for example, we found that the
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With ASCO announcing their inaugural virtual program last week and ahead of other major oncology and hematology conferences (such as EHA) moving online, client appetite for planning their activities have not abated in hiring us to measure impact of their data announcement activity in the current “new norm”. Have you
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Having recently named the 2020 leaders in oncology and ImmunoOncology, our latest release from our annual Corporate Leadership report reveals the key attributes oncologists view as driving successful leadership in IO. “Products” and “R&D/Product Pipeline” are the two most important aspects driving oncologists’ view of Corporate Leadership. The top five
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In our latest annual series exploring corporate leaders in oncology (in oncology and IO), oncologists shared their views to reveal BMS (and Celgene), Merck & Co and Roche / Genentech as dominant in oncology and ImmunoOncology. Today’s corporate leaders dominated in 2019 with oncologist preferences showing consistency in their ranking
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