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Immuno-Oncology Treatment Rationale and Leaders in Oncology Wish-List

There are certain driving factors to approaching immuno-oncology (IO) that leaders in oncology care about over others when making prescribing decisions about life-saving cancer treatments. 

Leaders in oncologyIn one MDOutlook survey from a few years ago with 100 leaders in oncology across the U.S. and Europe, for example, we found that the factors most driving usage for IO treatments among leaders in oncology were efficacy and quality of life benefits. Those were followed by label safety and availability of biomarkers. Interestingly, the data showed that U.S. oncologists put more stress on the rate of disease progression compared with their peers in Europe.

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Oncologists shared with us that information about efficacy is their most desired area for improvement by pharma companies. Information on side effects and use in expanded indications for earlier disease were preferred more by European physicians, while U.S. colleagues stressed more focus on quality of life and real-world evidence. 

MDOutlook can tap its extensive community of more than 140,000 experts and treaters in oncology, hematology and complex rare diseases, to conduct hyper-targeted studies, like the IO study above. Through rapid market insights and precision targeting, we provide pharma brands with critical information that can guide their treatment development and marketing strategies in real time. 

How Hyper-Targeted Market Research Engages Leaders in Oncology 

When working with a reliable agency partner such as MDOutlook that has valuable industry experience, technology tools that support pharma marketing, and access to hundreds of thousands of clinicians, life sciences companies can begin asking leaders in oncology the right questions and tap into shifting industry trends in real time. 

MDOutlook’s engagement platform provides clients with granular oncology market research about the catalysts driving industry momentum. Life science marketing teams can use engagement tools such as studies and polls to understand how the physicians responsible for prescribing decisions are perceiving treatments. 

In this highly competitive marketplace, it is essential for brand differentiation to hyper-target HCPs with focused research questions. MDOutlook provides pharma companies with a cauldron of market research and engagement tools that can be used to understand how leaders in oncology are responding to market dynamics.

By building niche studies that engage these clinicians, our clients begin to understand the granularities of market sentiment and can begin to tweak development and marketing strategies as new dynamics, trends and developments unfold in order to maximize their return on investment. 

When using a robust research and engagement platform, such as MDOutlook’s Lumineer, expect to see features such as: 

  • Targeted digital research capabilities
  • Access to leaders in oncology
  • Precision insights 
  • Virtual education programs
  • Performance tracking

MDOutlook’s powerful suite of tools help brands build effective HCP engagement strategies targeted at the treaters who are responsible for prescribing decisions in oncology, hematology, and rare disease.

The more information at a pharma team’s disposal, the more efficient and effective their outreach, market research, development and marketing. When life sciences marketers can approach leaders in oncology with intelligent talking points, survey questions, and interactive educational touchpoints, they can engage oncologists with limited time in meaningful dialogue and ultimately improve patient outcomes and sales. 

Hyper-Targeting Leaders in Oncology

A robust engagement platform, such as Lumineer, can provide companies with extensive search filters to deliver precision insights about the way leaders in oncology are thinking about different cancer trends, studies and treatments. 

In the IO study, for example, MDOutlook leveraged its engagement platform to rapidly identify, reach and survey leaders in oncology. This resulted in rapid, hyper-targeted insights about the features of IO treatments that are highest on oncologists’ wish-lists. 

Whether assessing the impact of a data announcement or trying to better understand the targeted disease state, Lumineer’s precision research tools can unlock immense value for pharma companies. 

Engage Leaders in Oncology, Boost Profitability With MDOutlook

When brands access the sophisticated targeting capabilities of MDOutlook’s Lumineer platform, they can engage leaders in oncology through market studies that unlock meaningful value for brands. 

Companies can search by geography, event attendance, research, institutional affiliation, influence and more to engage clinicians in surveys that provide actionable insights about treatments and market dynamics.

Learn more about how Lumineer can hyper-target leaders in oncology and help pharma brands design complex product and marketing strategies that maximize ROI on efforts to bring life-saving treatments to market. Lumineer can drive market adoption and boost treatment profitability. Contact us to schedule a free demo today.