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MDOutlook Launches Lumineer as its Latest Precision Intelligence Solution

MDOutlook, a precision intelligence leader specializing in life science strategies, recently launched Lumineer™, an extension of the company’s proven suite of ThoughtLeader identification solutions.

The latest offering in MDOutlook’s thought leadership and precision intelligence services, Lumineer delivers several material differentiators that set it apart from other online Life Science resources. Built on the largest network of cancer-focused physicians globally, Lumineer’s depth of capabilities enable users to develop curated rosters of oncology experts that specialize in a particular type of disease. Lumineer also uses cutting-edge technology to quickly map relevant and accurate professional information to designated practitioners in real-time.

Additionally and uniquely, Lumineer leverages peer nomination to help refine curated searches based on geographical data points on both a regional and local level. MDOutlook CEO and Founder, Jan Heybroek, discussed how Lumineer makes a perfect complement to its current services, strategies, and solutions:

“The MDOutlook team is very excited about using Lumineer to expand the capabilities we’ve been delivering to our clients for the last six years,” Heybroek said. “Our online community of cancer treaters is currently at approximately 150,000 validated physicians globally—and is continuously growing. Lumineer affords us an ideal opportunity to build our platform with real-time, relevant information that helps light a direct path between our clients and physicians.”

Lumineer utilizes proprietary technology that merges unique machine learning, AI innovation, human intelligence, and the voice of its online community to identify the very best thought leaders with every search. Once implemented, Lumineer is available immediately to designated life science teams, providing dynamic and diverse insights on oncology ThoughtLeaders for specific initiatives and engagements.

Most importantly, Lumineer centralizes thought leadership intelligence, enabling various teams within the same organization to work from a single platform that optimizes marketplace transparency. “At MDOutlook, we’re finding that, more and more, our clients are working with thought leaders in both development and educational capacities,” Heybroek said. “Lumineer’s transparency equips users to step outside of internal silos, develop fresh perspectives, and build-out strategic goals based on upto-date data for optimized project and program success.”

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Lumineer webinar – 17th June 2020 at 11.00 AM EST 

Join us at the launch of Lumineer: Three ways to Identify and Activate ThoughtLeaders. Watch the webinar here.