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Unveiling 2020 Leaders in Oncology & IO

In our latest annual series exploring corporate leadership (in oncology and IO), oncologists shared their views to reveal BMS (and Celgene), Merck & Co and Roche / Genentech as dominant in oncology and ImmunoOncology.

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Today’s corporate leaders dominated in 2019 with oncologist preferences showing consistency in their ranking companies (year on year) with one notable change as Pfizer dropped out the 2020 top 3 leaders in EU oncology.

Oncologists chose to rate corporate leadership across a greater number of companies in oncology compared to a tighter list of companies they rated in ImmunoOncology.

Leadership was determined through triangulation of three robust approaches. IO corporate leadership patterns were more distinct with clear leaders (compared to oncology) across tumor types.

  • BMS ranked first in IO tumor types including AML, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Multiple myeloma, HCC, Pancreatic, Kidney, Melanoma and Head & Neck cancers
  • Roche / Genentech was rated top in B-cell lymphomas, Breast (including HER2+, HR+ & TN), Bladder and SCLC
  • Merck & Co made IO pole position in Colorectal, NSCLC and Prostate cancer

Around half of US (50%) and EU (58%) oncologists view corporate leadership in IO broadly, and the other half view corporate leadership by individual tumor types.

Our next post will explore attributes oncologists viewed as driving successful corporate leadership.

About the study

The 2020 Corporate Leadership Study was conducted with 100 oncologists across US and EU using ONCpulseTM agile research solution. ONCpulseTM  answers today’s questions tomorrow through global access to 130,000+ experts and treaters in oncology, hematology and complex rare diseases.

The objectives of the research were to:

  • Define the meaning of ‘corporate leadership’ to the oncology community
  • Reveal the leaders in oncology and ImmunoOncology (IO) to compare/contrast how companies are evaluated by oncologists
  • Assess current barriers and drivers to ImmunoOncology treatment use and identify what oncologists would like to see improved by corporate leaders in the IO space

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