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Driving Activation of ThoughtLeaders in Healthcare

ThoughtLeaders in healthcare are individuals who are recognized as experts in their field. They are often thought of as innovators and visionaries, and their insights and perspectives can be highly influential in shaping the direction of the healthcare industry. As such, they can play a significant role in shaping healthcare policy and driving change within the industry.

There are many different ways clinicians become ThoughtLeaders in healthcare. One common path is to accumulate a wealth of knowledge and experience through research, clinical practice, or teaching. Alternatively, some ThoughtLeaders may emerge through their work in advocacy or public policy. Others may gain prominence through their writing or speaking on healthcare issues.

Engaging ThoughtLeaders in healthcare early on can help pharmaceutical companies to get buy-in from other healthcare professionals (HCPs)  and clinicians for new treatments, which is essential for successful launch and uptake. ThoughtLeaders can also play a key role in promoting scientific exchange and discussion around new therapies, which can help to build support among other HCPs.

It’s therefore clear that engaging HCPs, and ThoughtLeaders in particular, is crucial for the success of any new pharmaceutical treatment. By building relationships with these ThoughtLeaders, companies can ensure that new treatments are supported from the very beginning right through to launch and beyond.

When to Engage ThoughtLeaders in Healthcare

Most life science companies strategize to engage ThoughtLeaders,  with the majority of clients deploying engagement strategies during the launch phase (Phase 3). A small number of companies target influential ThoughtLeaders in healthcare earlier (pre-clinical/pre-launch) building long-term valuable relationships (‘brand ambassadors”) within scientific and physician communities.

Along the product journey, MDOutlook empowers clients by engaging experts and treaters at different stages through superior approaches to identification, mapping and activation.

We help you find Right ThoughtLeadership for a specific treater

Clients hire us to hyper-target experts and treaters that matter most in their journey, whether driving impactful commercialization strategies or engaging influential scientific experts during pre-launch. With an unparalleled global community, we instantly access clinicians (including niche targets) to your competitive advantage.

ThoughtLeader Mapping

One important method we use us to identify and activate the right ThoughtLeaders in healthcare for your brand is ThoughtLeader mapping. ThoughtLeader mapping is an important tool for pharmaceutical companies, as it allows them to identify and target ThoughtLeaders that specialize in specific disease states. ThoughtLeader mapping allows for a targeted search of influencers, based on factors such as geography, institutions, formularies, and level of influence. This enables companies to find the best matches for their brand based on loyalty towards other treatments and the overall level of influence within a particular disease state. Ultimately, ThoughtLeader mapping provides a more efficient way for companies to connect with ThoughtLeaders in healthcare who can help promote and shape public opinion on various topics related to their health and medicine brands

Receive the Right Information at the Right Time

Making confident decisions on-the-go matters most to our clients who regularly choose us to be there for them when it matters most with meaningful precision intelligence!

  • Improving targeting or call planning, we support sales activity planning through immediate identification or verification of valuable experts and treaters
  • Through rich profiling, finding influential scientific ThoughtLeaders in your brand journey to involve with e.g. clinical trials, medical publications, or scientific conferences
  • Optimizing expert collaborations at the (inter)national, national and local level from mapping network behind networks for maximum impact!

Rapid activation of ThoughtLeaders in Healthcare

Clients retain us knowing quick and easy wins to activating experts and treaters are consistently delivered

  • Answering today’s questions, tomorrow via ONCpulse studies
  • Through powerful and actionable insights e.g. navigating brand performance in competitive markets through hybrid KPI / ATU tracking

Clients judge us on successful outcomes:

  • For one client, we measured conference data impact in a week via insights from 500 top oncologists, worldwide. “Rapid results allowed us to adapt our commercialization plans and assess the success of our own data announcements. This is very useful for next years’ planning”  Brand Director Oncology, Major Pharmaceutical Company
  • For another client, using our Oncology community, we activated highly influential ThoughtLeaders across five countries in Asia, for an Ad Board to ascertain messages resonating with those on the ‘decision edge’ in Hepato-Cellular Carcinoma (HCC)

We breed client confidence as a leading precision intelligence company with transparent solutions and team expertise. Let’s take a positive step together to make this year a success for you, your brand and business! Contact us today at [email protected] or call +1 404.496.4136. to arrange a meeting.

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