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MDOutlook® Delivers Precision Intelligence and Clinician Engagement

Accelerating Precision Engagement with Medical KOLs

In 2019 MDoutlook engaged over 87,000 cancer treaters to solve their critical business pain points with game-changing precision intelligence and actionable recommendations.

Would you like timely critical insights that enhance your businesses in a competitive marketplace? We’ve engaged 87,000 physicians worldwide in our active community of validated and active treaters that includes valuable Medical KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and ThoughtLeaders. Through unique services that help pharma companies engage HealthCare Providers (HCPs), our clients leverage medical KOLs to improve adoption of new treatments.
When using MDOutlook’s powerful suite of technology and precise business intelligence tools, pharma brands can identify strong HCP candidates across every disease area and harness an active community of HCPs to engage medical KOLs. With real-time market data and HCP insights, they are able to make confident business decisions that enhance marketing strategies.
Keep reading to discover how MDOutlook helps companies achieve business goals through precision targeting of medical KOLs.

Precision Medical KOL Identification and Mapping

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Timing is everything in today’s fast-moving and crowded Life sciences marketplace. With HCPs, as opposed to patients, influencing treatment algorithms and formularies, treatment success depends on the strategic activation of medical KOLs to influence HCP perception.
MDOutlook’s Lumineer platform boasts comprehensive search and mapping tools with a granular filtration system that allows HCPs to be sorted by geographic location, level of influence, and expertise. Clients have immediate access to 14,000+ ThoughtLeaders and Medical KOLs, and 120,000+ treaters in more than 60 cancer types and other disease areas. Through extensive search and filtering, companies can compile extensive, detailed lists of target HCPs who can be engaged at various points throughout a treatment’s lifecycle.
For one of our clients, we analyzed 1,300 US physician-reported patient outcomes of GI tumor types and discovered insights that guided their precision marketing. Data revealed that academic ThoughtLeaders saw an average 20% more patients than community-based ThoughtLeaders in this disease area, prompting the company to focus on this subset in its engagement strategy in order to get its treatment in front of the most relevant HCPs.
By starting the HCP engagement process early in the treatment’s lifecycle, brands can pinpoint specific medical KOLs to hire and deploy at specific times to maximize marketing effectiveness.


Impactful KPI and ATU Tracking Help Identify and Engage Medical KOLs 

Powerful HCP engagement platforms like Lumineer help companies measure and track the success of marketing strategies in real time. Once companies identify and engage medical KOLs, they can use Lumineer to measure and track key performance indicators (KPIs) to gauge the success of strategies. We can also help them conduct awareness, trial and usage studies (ATUs) 50% faster than traditional methods.

Through highly focused and customized KPI /ATU projects, we deliver impactful insights that help brands anticipate market dynamics and provide actionable recommendations to increase sales. For one of our clients, we analyzed 8 key EU markets using tailored KPI tracking, which resulted in a tripling of their market share and €100 million in additional sales over 18 months.

For another client, we launched a ground-breaking study in hemophilia to measure the brand’s health in a dynamic market. Through our hybrid ATU-KPI approach, we engaged more than 420 hematologists across 17 countries. 

By tracking the right performance metrics, our clients can evolve to meet shifting market dynamics.


Rapid and Adaptive Feedback

Sometimes brands need qualitative feedback in addition to quantitative data to measure a treatment’s impact and answer critical business decisions. Through our DocPulse tool, companies receive wide disease coverage and rapid insights to mount successful launches and improve end-market results.

One of our clients used this agile and adaptive service to survey 50 Oncologists in metastatic gastric cancer. Another client interviewed 30 oncologists in a hard-to-find-niche focusing on second-line treatments in head & neck cancer.

Each time, pharma marketing teams unearth critical data about market dynamics and HCP perception to inform sales tactics and engage medical KOLs.


MDOutlook’s Solution for Medical KOL and ThoughtLeader Mapping

A robust HCP engagement platform like Lumineer can vastly accelerate company goals and profitability by identifying HCPs far beyond public industry Top 100 lists. With Lumineer’s extensive search and mapping tools, supported by MDOutlook’s Doc Pulse for research and Activeer for unique peer-to-peer programs and activations, your brand will enter each medical KOL interaction with powerful knowledge about their interests, network, experience and web of influence. 

Lumineer enables brands to map out HCPs based on the institutions and networks they’re connected with and key research they’ve conducted. It makes it easy to search by geography and specialization, enabling companies to diagram which medical KOLs to engage at specific lifecycle stages so that sales teams can intelligently prepare for, and set-up, high-value meetings that drive adoption and top-line results.

Learn how Lumineer can help your brand get the most out of your HCP engagement strategy. Contact us to schedule a free demo today!

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