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MDOutlook® Delivers Precision Intelligence and Clinician Engagement

Immediate Access To Your Target Healthcare ThoughtLeaders

It can be a lengthy and challenging process to identify the right healthcare ThoughtLeaders to serve as advocates for pharmaceutical brands. At MDOutlook, we make it easy to identify, engage and deploy Healthcare ThoughtLeaders who can drive value for companies. Our precision engagement platform connects lifesciences marketing teams to more than 14,000 ThoughtLeaders and 120,000+ healthcare professionals across every disease state.

Companies in this dynamic and competitive market can gain an edge when using accurate, real-time information to guide timely, strategic decisions. MDOutlook offers clients immediate access to verified and active Healthcare ThoughtLeaders, from oncology to rare diseases, who can support the development and marketing of new treatments.

With Healthcare ThoughtLeaders available in more than 60 cancer types, spanning 120 countries, and operating at all geographic levels — global, national, regional and local – pharma brands can unlock access to exactly the right treaters at the right stages of a product’s lifecycle to maximize adoption rates and profitability.

Precision Healthcare ThoughtLeader Identification and Mapping

By using an HCP engagement platform, such as MDOutlook’s Lumineer, companies can build more effective strategies to increase sales. By identifying, mapping and engaging healthcare ThoughtLeaders with real-time data and business intelligence, pharma brands can design treatment marketing plans and HCP engagement strategies that resonate widely with the decision makers who affect institutions and formularies.

Here are a few of the most exciting features on our HCP engagement platform:

Precision Intelligence

Lumineer provides resources that help lifesciences brands identify the most qualified Healthcare ThoughtLeaders in targeted markets. With accurate, real-time data about professional experience, published works, and institutional connections, companies can begin to map out webs of influence to enhance treatment success. Lumineer is a robust information resource for pharma teams looking to hire and engage TLs for specific goals.

Extensive HCP Profiles

Lumineer’s intuitive dashboard provides companies direct access to MDOutlook’s ThoughtLeader Attribute Dial that meshes public and proprietary data to build extensive profiles of Healthcare ThoughtLeaders, whom users can then rank based on specific search criteria. A strong engagement platform will provide opportunities far beyond the top-50 TL lists and make it easy to intelligently prepare for high-value meetings.

Visual Dashboard

Our business intelligence dashboard provides a snapshot of market, business and HCP data in an easily digestible, visual format. Infographics provide easy access to important data about Healthcare ThoughtLeaders, including visualization of peer nomination maps, that help brands deepen their queries and identify the right HCPs for specific project goals.

Peer Nomination Networks

Through our unique peer nomination process, brands can receive trusted information about target HCPs through a variety of tangible and intangible rankings. When qualified clinicians nominate their peers within a specific disease area based on their participation in clinical research, published work and speaking engagements, brands can begin to understand how their advocacy can drive awareness and adoption of new treatments. These networks might make visible a clear, institutional leader, or perhaps a rising industry star, who has amassed credibility in a disease area and can assist in the development and marketing of treatments. One of our clients used Lumineer to uncover early adopters for specific cancer treatment when testing treatment volumes and finding high-writers of prescriptions.

Peer-To-Peer Programs

Once a company has mapped out HCPs, it can engage and recruit influential Healthcare ThoughtLeaders through educational programs. With 77% of HCPs now using digital channels primarily for personal learning and development, brands have a unique opportunity to build educational resources that incentivize HCPs to engage. with KOLs they trust. MDOutlook offers tools for companies to design and launch meaningful live conversations that educate HCPs about treatments fulfilling unmet market needs. Brands can then disseminate information created by KOLs during these touchpoints to further engage HCPs in target markets.

Lumineer Can Drive Meaningful Results

As pharmaceutical companies navigate a challenging marketplace where time and accuracy are of the essence, a robust HCP engagement platform like Lumineer can accelerate company goals and drive differentiation.

By connecting brands to thorough and timely insights complemented with extensive searching tools, brands can begin to strategically map out the HealthCare ThoughtLeaders who will be able to drive meaningful brand value and profitability.

To round off these efforts, pharma brands use MDOutlook’s DocPulse for up-to-date research and insights, Activeer for unique peer-to-peer programs and activations, and Consultative Insights for brand-specific analyses and advanced modeling.

Learn how Lumineer can help your brand get the most out of your HCP engagement strategy by intelligently mapping the landscape of HCPs. Contact us to schedule a free demo today!