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Master your post-conference follow-up

Measuring the impact of data announcements is of importance, tracking follow-up activity from a conference is of even greater importance and should not be overlooked when assessing the overall influence and reach of your messages.

Having helped numerous biopharmaceutical companies track impact from their messaging activities, our experienced team shares insights.

Tracking your impact post-conference matters

Having a data announcement at a conference (such as ESMO) can speak volumes. However, following a client survey of 147 US oncologists, we tracked impact from the messaging activity and observed little difference with attention captured at conferences when compared to post-conference. This pattern reflects what is normally seen in the market.

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About half (n=75) of the US oncologists who did not attend ESMO rate their awareness of the news from ESMO as relatively high.

Nearly two-thirds of academic non-attendees rate their awareness of ESMO results as high or very high and by comparison, still almost half of US community oncologists rated their level of awareness on a similar basis. Attending conferences is still seen as valuable for new data announcements, but in an age of instant communications, attendance is not required to stay up to date.

Learning from colleagues

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In another study, we helped a client track the impact of a hematology announcement by assessing the source and reach of results learned among oncologists from different nationalities who did not attend the conference. A higher proportion of (71%) EU oncologists who did not attend the conference learned of the results from a colleague who did attend compared to US oncologists (56%).

Biopharmaceutical companies need reliable partners with winning expertise and experience knowing what it takes to master these trends. In a highly competitive space where hyper-targeting is essential, MDOutlook provides clients with the right mix of agile assets, value solutions, and professional customer access to drive successful precision engagement with your most relevant customers in oncology, hematology, and rare diseases.


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