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Oncology Market Research: Hyper-Targeting Oncologists

Oncology conferences such as American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and American Society of Hematology (ASH) are critically important industry resources that create valuable opportunities to conduct oncology market research so that more life-saving cancer treatments can reach the patients who need them. 

The European Society for Medical Oncology, or ESMO, has amassed clout in recent years as its influence has grown and the size and diversity of its audience widened. As the world’s premier congress in medical oncology, ESMO’s importance has grown as its global platform has widened. In 2021, ESMO attracted nearly 33,000 participants from 155 countries and nearly 3,000 submitted abstracts, surpassing the nearly 30,000 registrants from 137 countries it attracted before the pandemic in 2019. 

Oncology Market Research: Hyper-Targeting Oncologists

There’s also been a noticeable rise in popularity and importance of highly targeted disease-focused conferences, such as European Hematology Association (EHA), the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) and The International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma (ICML), as well as breakout meetings under the auspices of ASCO and ESMO that focus on one cancer. 

From general to targeted, oncology’s scientific conferences present a platform to disseminate new disease state data, hold high-value meetings with healthcare providers (HCPs), and exchange oncology market research with a global audience. 

How Oncology Market Research Helps Brands 

Biopharmaceutical companies who work with reliable agency partners can more effectively leverage high-value conferences such as ESMO and ASCO to increase sales of new and existing treatments. MDOutlook has valuable industry expertise and knows what it takes to master oncology industry trends. Our HCP engagement platform provides clients with granular oncology market research about the catalysts driving industry momentum.

In a highly competitive space where hyper-targeting the right HCPs is essential to differentiation, MDOutlook provides clients with a cauldron of oncology market research and engagement tools that include:

  • Granular digital research capabilities
  • Access to HCPs
  • Precision insights 
  • Virtual education programs
  • Performance tracking

When used together, brands can build powerful HCP engagement strategies targeted at the clinicians who are responsible for prescribing decisions in oncology, hematology, and rare disease. This way, when sales teams show up for a headline event such as ESMO, they’re coming prepared with a list of target HCPs, intelligent talking points, survey questions, and other educational touchpoints that engage relevant clinicians in meaningful discussions. 

Oncology Market Research: Hyper-Targeting The Right Audience

When an HCP engagement platform is robust, it can provide search filters and precision insights that give brands critical market data about the way the market, notably clinicians, are perceiving a treatment.

With one client, we interviewed oncologists in a rare disease area who were all specifically attending ICML in Lugano, Switzerland to measure the impact of its new data announcements. The challenge was intensified by the fact that the timing of the conference was directly after EHA and the client needed to engage oncologists based in the US who were attending a highly European-focused meeting.

MDOutlook was able to leverage its engagement platform to rapidly identify, reach and survey target clinicians. This resulted in quickly delivered, hyper-targeted oncology market research that guided our client’s treatment announcements.

Whether you are assessing the impact of a data announcement, trying to understand the disease state for which you are developing, or have another project in mind that requires hyper-targeting of your professional customers, MDOutlook’s oncology market research can help.

Gain An Edge With MDOutlook’s Oncology Market Research

When brands access the sophisticated targeting of MDOutlook’s Lumineer platform, they leverage critical oncology market research to hyper-target oncologists who are critical to treatment development and marketing strategies. Companies can search by geography, event attendance, research, institutional affiliation, influence and more to answer focused questions about treatments and market dynamics. 

MDOutlook enables client success through proprietary software assets and access to the world’s largest verified community of more than 140,000 treaters and experts in oncology, hematology, and rare disease. Lumineer combines self-reported characteristics with external data then applies machine-learning and artificial intelligence to deliver rich insights that support marketing and development strategies. 

Learn more about how Lumineer can hyper-target HCPs in the disease areas you care about and help you design complex engagement strategies with the clinicians who can drive market adoption and boost treatment profitability. Contact us to schedule a free demo today.