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The treatment landscape for prostate cancer is changing

Cabazitaxel was presented as an option for men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) who have progressed after treatment with docetaxel and an androgen signaling-targeted agent according to data presented at ESMO 2019.

The results showed a significant survival benefit for Cabazitaxel in third line over enzalutamide or abiraterone where patients had previously undergone treatment with one of the 2nd generation antiandrogens and docetaxel.

Impact of announcement

There was a general perception among prostate cancer ThoughtLeaders at ESMO 2019 that Cabazitaxel could become a new standard in mCRPC post-docetaxel and 2nd generation antiandrogen. Cabazitaxel is already widely available in many countries aiding the anticipated changes in treatment practices and guidelines. Contrary to current standard practices, switching to novel hormonal agents has been shown to be much less effective.

Our work with prostate cancer treating clinicians

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Our work with prostate cancer treating clinicians (see slide for details of our track record and robust prostate cancer treating community) suggests that there will be some significant resistance to change treatment paradigms by cancer treaters especially amongst urologists. In past studies, cancer treaters were less likely to use chemotherapy due to perceived side effects and more likely to use novel hormonal agents despite the lack of supporting evidence especially in older patients. What is your take on the new data presented at ESMO 2019? Let’s set-up a call to further discuss.

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