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Case Study: Competitive Treatment Driver Analysis

At MDOutlook, we focus on providing actionable insights to our clients. These insights can provide valuable data to improve market share and compare and contrast our client’s products to those of their competition. Below is a case study outlining the main reasons taxanes are not considered for use following paclitaxel treatment in ovarian cancer.

Customer: Global pharmaceutical company expanding their disease portfolio into new therapeutic areas.

Challenge: Client needed to compare and contrast treatment decision drivers between competitive therapies as input for their clinical development and commercialization planning.

Unique MDOutlook proposition: 

  • Develop comprehensive questionnaire to address both quantitative treatment market share analysis while differentiating qualitative decision driver attributes often retrieved by different research methodologies (e.g. qualitative)
  • Panel Composition: 100 screened ovarian cancer treaters
  • Comparative Analysis:
    • By competitive therapies
    • Academic vs. community practice

Value delivered: 

  • Actionable insights to guide patient segmentation, commercial positioning and messaging
  • Robust and projectable quantitative market share analysis
  • Sophisticated qualitative insights generated by a quantitative study methodology that increased the study efficiencies and shortened the study timeline

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