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Client Testimonials

Here’s what our clients are saying about their completed projects:

“The MDOutlook team provided a succinct, clear, and targeted assessment of what we needed to support the commercial success of our oncology portfolio now and over the long term.”
Director, Epidemiology Forecasting,Epidemiology & Advanced Analytics
Large Biopharma Company

“MDOutlook rocks! They delivered a flexible platform in which internal departments and functions in our organization could access in real-time top influencers in the oncology community, as well as evolving changes in oncologists’ views about therapies, and new prescribing and treatment patterns and trends.”
Sr. Director, Medical Communications and Operations
Mid-Sized Biopharma Company

“MDOutlook’s great work helped us gain input for one of our pharma client brands in the immuno-oncology space. They connected us with the right oncologists who were more familiar with our brand than we expected, so the feedback was extremely valuable! All of the doctors were engaged, contributed to the conversation, and were very knowledgeable about immunotherapies.”
Chief Strategy Officer
Major Pharma/Healthcare Branding Agency

“MDOutlook  provided us critically valuable intelligence on the perspectives of highly influential oncologists about multiple myeloma therapies and treatments”.
EVP, Global Marketing
Growing Oncology Diagnostics Company

“MDOutlook gave us very deep, spot-on insights from the most highly knowledgeable and respected oncologists specializing in uveal melanoma, which provided important guidance to our portfolio strategy.”
Chief Commercial Officer
Early Stage Biotech Company

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