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Immuno-oncology coupled with creativity is changing the daily practice of cancer

On Friday, NPR had a very interesting and inspiring interview with Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee, oncologist at Columbia University in New York. He has written a new article called The Improvisational Oncologist in this week’s Sunday Magazine of the New York Times. In this article, he focuses on the emergence of immuno-oncology in daily practice, and how to use it optimally within the complexity of managing cancer.

Dr. Mukherjee describes – what I have called it many times – the ‘modern day alchemist’, often changing the treatment approach, trying something radically new in the quest for the ‘holy grail’: curing a patient’s cancer. With modern day scientific advances, the management of cancer has become infinitely more complex than when I was in med school. It has also become much more interesting and challenging at the same time, offering vastly improved outcomes and thereby hope to patients.

It is stories like these, and the inspiring work of 95,000+ cancer treaters we collaborate with at MDOutlook that keeps our team motivated on our quest to advance cancer management by providing oncology intelligence.

Thank you to all, and not in the least our team, to move this forward!
Jan Heybroek
President, MDOutlook