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Impact of New AML Data on Clinical Practice

MDOutlook® is pleased to share excerpts from the most recent MDOutlook’s OncoPoll™: Clinical Impact of Recent Data Announcements in the treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).

This research is the newest in a long line of impact studies following major data announcements in cancer. MDOutlook has covered the oncology space since 2008 in more depth and with more focus than most disease intelligence organizations.

This report is based on an on-line survey of US and European oncologists focused on AML.

Key Conclusions: Immediate Impact of New AML Data on Clinical Practice:
• Physicians believe midostaurin will have the greatest importance to their clinical practice with AML, and sorafenib and gilteritinib having slightly less clinical importance
• Midostaurin would be the dominant FLT3 inhibitor integrated into induction therapies for FLT3+ AML, while sorafenib is expected to be integrated into induction protocols as well
• For FLT3+ AML post-transplant maintenance therapy, midostaurin would be widely accepted, but sorafenib would be used by less than half of physician under these circumstances

Access the full complimentary AML OncoPoll report through the link. And contact us to discuss your oncology intelligence needs.

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