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MDOutlook OncoPoll ASCO-EHA 2015 – CLL and Multiple Myeloma

MDOutlook is pleased to release the third report on the clinical impact of new data presented at ASCO and EHA 2015. This report includes analyses from 2 studies in hematologic malignancies involving more than 150 oncologists and hematologists with identified focus on Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) and Multiple Myeloma (MM).

Our MD/PhD Disease Analyst Team reports:

  • Both the HELIOS and Complement 2 clinical trials will impact the CLL treatment landscape
    – Ibrutinib usage is expected to rise by 50% to 110% across all CLL subgroups in the next 6 months
    – Anti-CD20 mAb usage in CLL is slowly shifting from 1st generation rituximab to 2nd / 3rd generation ofatuzumab and obinutuzumab
  • Physicians have very high expectations for the BCL-2 Inhibitor venetoclax in CLL
    – The new PI3K inhibitors duvelisib and TGR-1202 are also positively viewed

Multiple Myeloma

  • The immune-oncology revolution has come to multiple myeloma with 2 new monoclonal antibodies: the anti-CS1 mAb elotuzumab and the anti-CD38 mAb daratumumab
  • Virtually all oncologists would use elotuzumab in at least some of their relapsed / refractory myeloma patients if it were commercially available today
    – 40% of respondents reported they would use it in 60% or more of their patients
    – Overall, ~50-60% of relapsed / refractory myeloma patients would receive it as treatment
  • Carfilzomib (Kd) is expected to become the preferred proteasome inhibitor over bortezomib (Vd) in the therapy of relapsed MM

Download your complimentary copy of the MDOutlook 2015 ASCO-EHA Syndicated CLL and MM OncoPoll Report  through the link.

MDOutlook continues its commitment to all stakeholders involved in the management of cancer to provide meaningful, timely and relevant insight. As in previous years, we work with Oncology Business Review to share this important research with the cancer community. This is MDoutlook’s 8th consecutive year of syndicated research analyzing new data presented at large cancer meetings, and consists of more than 40 reports since 2008.

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