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National Versus Regional ThoughtLeaders

Assumptions have been made for years that nationally recognized ThoughtLeaders are substantially more effective at modifying treatment behavior than regional or local experts, thus commanding a larger honorarium.

However, in MDOutlook’s new Insights & Influence Report on the U.S. market, one section analyzes the impact that national, regional, and local ThoughtLeaders, as well as peer groups, have on influencing oncologists’ treatment behavior. This report has been developed in partnership with Medallion Healthcare.

The results show, while national U.S. ThoughtLeaders do have more overall influence, the gap between the national experts and the regional experts is found to be much smaller than anticipated.

MDOutlook’s Insights & Influence Report is a comprehensive survey of oncologists which measures the impact of various intelligence strategies employed and how large of an impact those strategies have on influencing oncologists’ treatment behaviors. If you are interested in purchasing the full report, click here.

At MDOutlook, we can leverage our proprietary database of over 12,000 validated oncology ThoughtLeaders and panel of 110,000+ cancer treaters globally to assist you. Click here to learn more.