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June 2016 OncoPoll – Lung Cancers

MDOutlook proudly continues our innovative initiative of syndicated research analyzing the clinical impact of new data presented at the 2016 ASCO Annual Meeting®. Supporting the entire cancer community and building on nearly 40 analyses since 2008, this is the second of four reports in our 2016 series covering news presented in Chicago.

This OncoPoll™ focuses on lung cancers, both non-small cell (NSCLC) and small cell (SCLC). It covers 2 abstracts about ALK+ NSCLC and 1 abstract in recurrent SCLC. Our most recent research from 146 global oncologists who are actively managing patients with lung cancer uncovers that:

  • Data presented from the J-ALEX trial examining the use of alectinib in the 1st line setting for ALK+ NSCLC is globally reported as clinically meaningful
  • The excitement is tempered somewhat, as most have some concerns since the data was from a single country. This makes the results of the global ALEX trial that much more eagerly awaited
  • The use of brigatinib in the 2nd line setting for ALK+ NSCLC was also assigned a relatively high level of clinical importance. This rating implies that it will be readily integrated into practices once it becomes commercially available
  • Oncologists are enthusiastic about the strategy of dual checkpoint inhibition for recurrent SCLC. Impressive levels of growth for both nivolumab alone and in combination with ipilimumab are expected in the very near future. Nivolumab is expected to be used in a majority of US recurrent SCLC patients over the next year

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