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SABCS2014 Syndicated Report – Insight into Clinical Impact

MDOutlook continues delivering timely post-conference insight through the Post-SABCS2014 OncoPoll™ – but with a new dimension this year.

The syndicated MDOutlook post-SABCS2014 analysis focuses on breast cancer therapeutic areas where much new data was presented: new agents, adjuvant & metastatic therapy, and the emerging likelihood of biosimilars used for supportive care.

To insure timely intelligence through our partnership with Oncology Business Review (OBR), field work and analysis was conducted within the month immediately after SABCS. MDOutlook’s global survey response: 125 screened treaters of metastatic breast cancer including a robust number of responses from 15 countries (U.S., each of the EU5, and Rest of Europe).

Your COMPLIMENTARY SABCS2014 Executive Analysis Report delivers key insight on selected topics:

  • Current Breast Cancer Patient Volumes – by country & by disease sub-group
  • Clinical Assessment of New Agents: Abemaciclib, ANG1005, BMN673, Buparlisib, BYL719, Dalotuzumab, Ipatasertib, MM-302, MPDL3280A, Olaparib, Palbociclib, Pembrolizumab, Taselisib
  • Clinical Assessment of New Adjuvant Trial Data
  • Outlook on the Use of Biosimilars for the Treatment of Febrile Neutropenia

Click here to receive your COMPLIMENTARY SABCS2014 Executive Analysis Report which includes a content table of the full report.

Our full Post-SABCS2014 report expands on these topics and delivers much more – including the impact of selected SABCS data announcements on physician awareness, their clinical assessment of the potential impact of these therapies & projected future clinical utilization. The full report includes 82 content slides, with 90 graphs and tables. Each slide provides conclusions and insight. If desired, an executive analysis can be included in the report at no extra cost.

If you are interested to learn more or wish to purchase the report, please download the SABCS Syndicated Report Fact Sheet. The purchase price includes an unlimited license to the report for your organization. Tailored analyses and or purchasing of specific modules is available.

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